Biocidal Products Regulation

Biocidal Products Regulation replacing the Biocidal Product Directive

The European Biocidal Products Regulation (EU Regulation 528/2012) came into force on 1st September 2013, replacing the previous Biocidal Products Directive (BPD). Many of the requirements remain the same, and our products that contain biocides, approved in compliance with the BP Directive, retain their validity. 

The implementation of the biocidal legislation is long stretched and Teknos works continuously to address the newest rules regarding article 95 suppliers of active substances, product approval, treated articles and labelling requirements.

Products treated with a biocidal product in terms of the regulation (for example a wood preservative), are designated as “treated articles”. They must be treated only with an approved biocidal product and must be appropriately labelled when the manufacturer claims a biocidal property for the treated article. The product can be labelled either by application of a label on the product itself or by a reference in the product documentation. 

The labelling obligation applies to all articles (windows, doors, exterior cladding, garden furniture, etc.) treated with an approved Teknos wood preservative; TEKNOL AQUA 1412-01, TEKNOL S 6005-00, TEKNOL AQUA 1410, AQUA PRIMER 2907-02 or AQUA PRIMER 2907-42. To simplify the labelling task for Teknos customers, Teknos has added a factsheet to the Technical Data Sheets of the named products. The factsheet contains all information required for labelling in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulation. Further information on the regulation can typically be found at various industry organisations.