Energy saving with TEKNODUR COMBI 3560

An excellent example of an energy efficient coating is the moisture accelerated curing TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 product series. The 3560 series is a range of 2-component polyaspartic-based high-solid polyurethane coatings, that enable fast curing and high throughput, whilst offering low VOC emissions and high durability.

How does it work?

TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 products cure and crosslink quickly at ambient temperature. Instead of utilizing energy- and time-intensive oven curing, the 3560 products can be cured efficiently using air flow and moisture in a controlled environment.  Heating an industrial oven might require a power supply of e.g., 50-100 kW, whereas moisture accelerated curing can be done for less than 1 kW. That means by switching from oven to moisture curing with 3560, around 274 000 kWh yearly energy savings can be made, together with increasing the productivity.

The hardness development of TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 paint film is approximately 5–10 times faster than standard industrial polyurethanes and up to 6 times faster than regular polyaspartic paint products. So, alongside minimizing the energy consumption, TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 products can also increase the productivity.

The painting and curing process is often a bottle neck in our customers’ production lines. Contact us and we can work together how you could improve your painting capacity and decrease the energy consumption.

What if you don’t have an oven for curing the paint?

On painting lines where no oven is used, the surface treatment through-put can easily be increased by 30-100% with TEKNODUR COMBI 3560. To optimize the through-put, compared to investing in an oven (big investment and high running cost), all you need is good air flow and moisture control (low investment and low running cost).

Low VOC emissions

With high solid content ranging between 70-90 vol-%, the 3560 products family also releases very low VOC levels of 60-270 g/L. This is significantly lower than with standard 2-component polyurethanes, and the lowest-VOC TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 versions have lower VOC than most waterbased 2-component polyurethanes.

Not only is it about energy and cost savings and lower VOC emissions, but the 3560 series has excellent long-term durability across a range of industrial sectors.


Jonas Dubow
Group Commercial Director, Machinery



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