Energy savings with innovative paint solutions

Security of energy supply and rising energy prices are becoming an issue across the whole of Europe and the coatings industry is not immune to this challenge. In the painting process, curing and ventilation are often an overlooked area where huge energy savings can be made.  With the energy situation expected to become more challenging in the near future, we at Teknos have been looking at how we can help our customers to reduce their energy consumption.

For over 20 years, in line with our sustainability strategy, we have been focusing on creating solutions to help our customers to reduce their energy consumption and increase efficiency. As curing is one of the most energy intensive parts of the painting process, we have developed a range of energy efficient, fast curing products, that continue to offer long-term proven performance.

How to save energy in the painting process?

The ways to save energy in the painting process obviously vary, depending on what kind of painting line you have and what kind of coating solutions are being used; the substrate, the paint chemistry as well as the painting process all have an effect. Over the years, we have introduced a range of energy efficient coatings, focused on the following curing properties:

  • Ambient fast curing, moisture curing – removes the need for oven curing
  • Low temperature curing powder coatings – reducing high temperature curing
  • Using infrared to cure low temperature powder coatings
  • Using LED for curing – less energy usage than with Mercury or Gallium lamps
  • Lower temperature curing hardeners

There are huge amount of different coating methods and chemistries. Thus, also the curing methods are numerous, but many of them are quite energy intensive.

Are you interested in looking into energy savings in the painting process, maybe using one of these curing methods or something else? Leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you to see how we can help.

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