Teknos Sustainable Procurement Policy to guide sustainability across the supply chain

Teknos is strongly committed to sustainability. With our actions, we want to make the world last longer. Our new Sustainable Procurement Policy aims to align our procurement activities with this goal.

Teknos’ Procurement function is responsible for sustainable procurement at Teknos. In line with the new Policy, procurement function identifies, monitors, and minimises negative environmental and social impacts of Teknos supply chain while ensuring that economic conditions and high-quality requirements are met.

“Our goal for sustainable procurement of Teknos is to have measurable sustainability performance and improvement from our suppliers. In this way, we get to know our suppliers’ sustainability performance, we can identify and address most important issues and, also, reward those suppliers that are already doing well in sustainability”, Group Procurement Manager Satu Rauhala says.

In practice, this means ensuring and improving sustainability of Teknos’ suppliers and sourcing more sustainable raw materials. Teknos Sustainable Procurement Policy consists of two key targets for the supply:

By 2025, we aim that 95% of our suppliers have approved and signed our Supplier Code of Conduct. Compliance with Teknos Supplier Code of Conduct will be monitored by supplier self-assessments and on-site audits. Second, we aim to evaluate 80% of our suppliers with EcoVadis assessment tool by 2025. EcoVadis tool evaluates four topics: the environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

In addition, the Sustainable Procurement Policy sets working principles for new supplier approval, preferred supplier criteria, supplier evaluation, and category management. Sustainability, quality, and economics is considered in all decisions.

Teknos has a diverse supplier network consisting of hundreds of suppliers from large global companies to smaller local companies.

“We believe that sustainable procurement is achieved together with our partners and we want to cooperate with like-minded partners. Our long-term goal is to make our supply chain more transparent and to extend supplier transparency to our sub-suppliers as well – in cooperation with our stakeholders”, Rauhala concludes.

Find the Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Teknos aims to be the most sustainable coating solutions provider in the world. Our sustainable procurement policy contributes to the implementation of Teknos Group’s sustainability program and its two key focus areas Responsible operations & supply chain and Sustainable solutions & services.