Labels and certificates

The strain on the environment keeps growing. Therefore it is increasingly important to pay attention to the environmental impacts of all products including paints. At Teknos, we want to reduce the impact of paints and coatings on the environment and we strive to develop sustainable solutions. We work intensively to improve the sustainable and safe use of our products.

If you select the right paint and calculate the right amount for the project, painting in itself can be an environmentally responsible act. Paint protects surfaces of buildings and other materials and considerably extends their service life. Furthermore, applying a new coat of paint or varnish to old furniture can give them a new lease of life. By making the right choice, you can influence yours and your environment’s well-being.

Ecolabels for paints are based on unbiased research. This means by choosing eco-certified paint, you can be sure the product is sustainable. Paints made by European manufacturers are a good choice as EU legislation guides manufacturers towards developing safe products. If in doubt, ask a professional to help you choose the right product. When planning a painting project, think about what you are going to do with the leftover paint. Could you use the paint for another project or offer it to friends or family?

Once the painting project is complete, it is also important to recycle the paint waste, packages and equipment correctly.

For Teknos, sustainability is a mindset. It is a part of the company’s strategy and affects everything we do. We can help you make sustainable choices. In this guide, you can find useful information about the ingredients, labels and recycling of paints.

Allergy label

The Allergiatunnus (“allergy label”) label is granted by the Finnish Allergy,
Skin and Asthma Federation to products that meet the 72-hour low
emission criteria. These products do not contain harmful concentrations
of fragrance or other commonly sensitizing or irritating ingredients. By
choosing a product which has the Allergiatunnus label, you will also be
taking care of your health. Paints with this label also meet the criteria for
the M1 emission class.


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Paints with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel satisfy the strict criteria of the
Nordic ecolabel that take the product’s entire life cycle into account.
Paints with this label are an eco-friendly and safe choice all the way from
ingredients, production and use to disposal as waste.

The criteria for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel include stringent health criteria
for interior paints that place strict limitations on the amount of volatile and
semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC and SVOC) and the concentration
of formaldehyde. Preservatives that accumulate in organisms are not
allowed, and the amount of preservatives has also been limited.

Paints with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel also meet strict quality criteria for
hiding power, coverage and scrub resistance.



The M1-label tells that the products meet M1-classification for low
emission and odour to maintain good indoor air quality. Building
materials and paints used indoors can be classified into three classes,
of which M1 is the gold standard, according to the compounds they
emit. The M1 class includes low-emission paint products and materials
from which only very small amounts of compounds evaporate into
the air of the room. The classification is done by the Finnish Building
Information Foundation.



The CE marking demonstrates the product satisfies the relevant
requirements set out for its functioning by EU directives and
regulations. Receiving the marking requires testing by an external
party to ensure that the paints and coatings work as promised. The
CE marking covers products such as fillers and products for protecting
concrete surfaces.



BioCote® silver phosphate glass antimicrobial technology to preserve
the coating surface and prevent colonisation and degradation caused
by microbial growth once applied to the intended substrate. It is
recommended for spaces with high hygiene requirements.
BioCote® has been shown to decrease microbes such as Escherichia
coli, and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) - by up
to 99,99%


MED certification (MED = Marine Equipment Directive)

Products marked with the helm symbol, i.e. MED-certified products,
must be used for ships sailing under an EU flag. The certification
means the products meet fire safety requirements and can be used
for purposes such as painting the ships’ indoor or outdoor furniture
or varnishing the ship’s wooden floors.



Our environmental product declarations (EPD) describe the environmental impacts of our products across their entire life cycle. They demonstrate our commitment to transparency and helping customers to make sustainable choices. An independent verifier approves our EPDs before being registered and published in the Building Information Foundation RTS Finland database , EPD Norway and INIES France.


Key Flag Symbol

Key Flag Symbol can be awarded to a product manufactured or a service produced in Finland. The domestic content of a product or service must be at least 50 percent. The average domestic content of Key Flag Symbol products is more than 80 percent.