Accelerating the hydrogen industry’s development with the help of coatings  

Hydrogen is a way to store energy, from renewable sources that are not stable in production, like wind and solar power in the form of gas and it can be used as an energy raw material in many different places. Industrial carbon emissions can be significantly reduced with the help of hydrogen and green hydrogen is a way to replace the use of fossil fuels. In the EU’s strategic vision for a climate-neutral continent, published in November 2018, the share of hydrogen in Europe’s energy mix is projected to grow from the current less than 2% to 13-14% by 2050.  

Hydrogen is also expected to play a key role not just in the creation of electricity but also in replacing fossil fuels in other areas such as aviation, maritime and heavy transport. As a result, the global hydrogen market is predicted to grow significantly over the coming years. In the report “A Hydrogen Strategy for a climate-neutral Europe”, analysts estimate that clean hydrogen could meet 24% of the world’s energy demand by 2050, with annual sales in the range of €630 billion.   

Coating solutions can protect hydrogen pipelines and make the storage and transportation of hydrogen safer and more efficient. Coatings manufacturer Teknos is investing in the hydrogen sector to ensure its products meet the requirements of the future energy industry.   

Standardization for green transition  

“Failures in the energy sector not only cost time and money but can also have a massive environmental impact. As a result, strict codes and standards have been created to ensure that the assets are well protected. Teknos has a history of working in some of the most highly regulated environments such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas, and Renewables where quality, functionality, and durability are key requirements for coating suppliers. The Hydrogen industry will be no different and so we are creating high-quality solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of the green energy transition.”, explains Clare McDermott, Business Development Director from Teknos Group.  

As the industry is still in the early stages of development, there are no fully defined standards or requirements for coatings used in hydrogen pipelines or storage tanks. To accelerate the development of the industry, Teknos is working closely with its partners and proactively taking the initiative in developing standardized practices.   

“We follow the development of the industry and aim to predict standards. Testing products and creating standards and guidelines are at the center of our operations. This is important because it contributes to the safer use of hydrogen as a source of energy," McDermott continues.  

Continuous development of coatings solutions for the energy sector  

In 2022, Teknos conducted product testing successfully together with MÜLHEIM PIPECOATINGS GmbH. The testing showed that coatings can increase the durability of hydrogen pipelines.  

“At Teknos, we will continue our research into how our coatings can help the hydrogen industry by creating increased durability and transportation efficiency. The best solutions are found in cooperation and we will continue to work with our industry partners." McDermott says.  

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Allan Bonde Jensen
Business Development Manager, Energy