Coating solutions for pipelines

Teknos has strong and well-documented proof of its expertise in the surface treatment for internal and external pipeline applications. Teknos has an extensive product range and can provide the correct painting solutions for the pipelines in different environments, including onshore and offshore.

Wet painting

Inside coating

TEKNOPOX 3296-06 Two-pack Epoxy Coating, 1 x 80 µm
• One-layer system
• Flow Coating
• High solid
• Red brown
• Glossy


TEKNOPOX 3296-06 is a friction reduction coating for the interior of pipelines used for the transport of non-corrosive gas. The allowed temperature range for the natural gas pipes that have been coated with TEKNOPOX 3296-06 Epoxy Coating is between –40°C and 120°C. Resistance to dry heat is up to 120°C continuous, approx. 250°C short term. The solids content of the coating is 81±2 by volume.-%. TEKNOPOX 3296-06 Epoxy Coating meets the requirements according to the following standards: API Standard RP 5L2, DIN EN 10301, ISO 15741, Transco CM2, NORDSTREAM and CTO Gazprom 2-2.2-180-2007.

TEKNOPOX REPAIR 3296 enables you to repair professionally damages on the internal surface, according to the instructions.

Powder coating

INFRALIT EP 8054 Powder Coating is conventional Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) for three-layer or multilayer system with polyolefines, especially with polyethylene (PE) plastics. TDS No. 1592.

INFRALIT EP 8054 is suitable for pipelines operating in temperatures up to 90 °C. Final three-layer system meets the requirements of Standards ISO 21809-1 and CSA Z245.20-10. Typical adhesion result for peeling test of three-layer PE system with INFRALIT EP 8054 are > 400 N/cm at 23 °C and > 100 N/cm at 80 °C.

INFRALIT EP 8054 has glass transition temperature Tg > 100°C.

INFRALIT EP 8074 Powder Coating is a high Tg Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) for three-layer or multilayer system with polypropylene (PP) plastics. INFRALIT EP 8074 is suitable for pipelines operating in high temperatures, working area up to 150 °C. TDS No. 1641.

Typical adhesion result for peeling test of three-layer PP system with INFRALIT EP 8074-00 are > 300 N/cm at 25 °C and > 40 N/cm at 140 °C. TDS No. 1809.

INFRALIT EP 8074 has glass transition temperature Tg 130 °C – 160 °C, depending on formulation.


INFRALIT EP 8064 Powder Coating is Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) for field joint system with Wehocoat device. TDS No. 1593.

KWH Pipe and Borealis have developed a new patent applied system for coating of field joints. The system is based on Borealis specially developed reactive polyolefine polymer Borcoat™ ME3000FC and the Wehocoat machine developed by KWH Pipe Technology.

The coatings made by the Wehocoat machine are extremely hard wearing and as durable as the pipe coating applied in the factory. This field joint coating method can achieve a joint at site conditions which can fulfill the minimum demands as stated in the ISO – FDIS 21809-1 for a factory coated steel pipe and is defined according to ISO 21809-3 section 5E.

INFRALIT EP 8064 has glass transition temperature Tg > 100 °C.

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