Teknos Norway earned the Eco-Lighthouse -certification

At Teknos, sustainability is integrated in our strategy, business model, and everyday work and we are actively looking for new solutions to make our processes, products, and premises more sustainable.

In autumn 2021 Teknos Norway was granted the Eco-Lighthouse certification for its premises. The Eco-Lighthouse is Norway’s most widely used environmental management system, with nearly 6700 valid certificates. 

The certificate was received after a throughout independent environmental analysis was conducted by the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. The analysis included the environmental impact of waste, energy, transportation, procurements, and the work environment of Teknos Norway.

Being Eco-Lighthouse certified equals full compliance with the norwegian Internal Control Regulations and with the relevant environmental regulations pertaining to the enterprise.

The Eco-Lighthouse certificate is valid for three years. During the recertification process, the criteria and the climate and environmental reports for the intervening years are rechecked. If all criteria are met, a new three-year certificate may be again issued for Teknos.

The process was a very interesting and educational process for Teknos Norway and its employees. The team is now much stronger in continuous business improvement when it comes to sustainability, since the reports have been revised to meet the standars and new procedures have been put into place. 

All in all, the environmental lighthouse certification was a good and educational process for the whole team, where all employees were involved. The result of a comprehensive and systematic work has ended up in concrete measures in areas such as purchasing, energy, transport and waste and is a good tool for our further environmental work.  

“Submitting an annual climate and environmental report in which the effects of our environmental measures are measured is a must for the certificate. In addition, all Eco-Lighthouse businesses must be recertified every three years, which ensures systematic work and continuous improvement”, the team in Norway says. 



Teknos Sustainability Program