Giving second life to office furniture in Teknos Denmark

Over the last months we have been organising office spaces to facilitate collaboration and comfortable working spaces in our office in Denmark. At Teknos, we care about the planet’s resources as well as those of the company’s and thus, we always consider whether we already have spare items to use before ordering new office equipment.

This time, we decided to give second life to old furniture and office decorations in Denmark. To ensure style and comfort, all the furniture and decorations were refurbished – some of them by using our own products – before they were ready for their new duties.

“We reused a more than 30 years old designer sofa from our former executive office to upgrade our reception area. Our 25-year-old Montana bookcases in the reception were refreshed with Teknos spray paint and I believe they can make it in use for another 25 years. We used a wall decoration found from our own “art archive” containing art pieces from different years providing nice options for different styles. We purchased only a new coffee table, and the upgrade was complete!” said Karin Skov from Teknos Denmark.  

Refurbishment – an everyday sustainable action that requires some creativity

Despite using old furniture, the redecoration project in Denmark required some new purchases. To think out-of-the-box, we investigated our supplier’s selection for recycled furniture – and found exactly what we needed from their webshop. We purchased stylish Italian designer chairs for one of our two new sound-proof office booths by Framery. The Framery mute boxes are coated with Teknos solvent-free powder coating.

Utilising what you already have requires some organisation and logistical planning as well as imagining the needs of the future office users. Thinking in a creative way can support sustainable solutions while contributing to building unique, yet functional, design for office spaces.

Stay tuned for our tips and tricks for refurbishing your own furniture.