Recycling PAINT packages

At Teknos we are concerned for the strains on the environmnet, and thus aim to ensure that our products are always used and disposed in an appropriate manner. We also always encourage our customers to recycle our packaging. 

The rules on how to recycle packaging correctly vary between countries, regions, and municipalities, and thus, checking with local authorities is needed. 

Alphanumerical codes help to identify materials

We use different packaging materials to store and ship our products and are committed to inform about the packaging materials and their disposal to help our customers to recycle our packaging in an appropriate manner. At the moment Teknos' products are placed in both metal cans and lids, IBC containers, and for powder coatings, in card boxes. We also use plastics such as canisters. The type of plastic used is marked with a code on the packaging. 

According to EU law, packaging should be identified with an alphanumerical code to ease up recycling. For our industrial products the packages we currently use are: 

Packaging material Alphanumerical code
Metal cans and lids FE40
IBC containers Plastic part HDPE 2, metal part FE40
Powder coating cardboxes Cardboard PAP20, inner plastic bag LDPE4
Plastic packages, canisters etc. See right code on the package. This is indicated with triangular symbols with chasing arrows.

If you want to know more about these material identifcation codes and abbreviations please visit the EU site.