To us sustainability is a mindset. It is integrated in our strategy, business model and our everyday work. We are highly committed to delivering our contribution to protect the planet and make the world last longer.

Our sustainability program aims to create sustainable long-term value for our stakeholders including our customers, employees, suppliers, and the society. 


We focus the active management of sustainability on four priority areas:

1. Sustainable solutions and services

For us sustainable solutions and services mean not only complying with regulations and legislations but developing and offering competitive products, technologies and services that meet the needs of our customers using fewer resources or more sustainable resources.

We develop innovative products that are longer-lasting and consequently reduce the need for early repainting. We invest heavily in research and development. Our ambition is to develop coating products with low VOC content and to increase the use of renewable and recycled raw materials.

Our targets:

  • 5 % decrease in the share of VOCs used in products in the total raw material consumption annually
  • Zero own-added MIT in products by 2025

2. Responsible operations and supply chain

We strive for being a responsible company within our value chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing and delivery of the products to our customers on time and safely.

We invest constantly in our manufacturing facilities, implement Lean throughout the company and seek innovative technologies to improve safety and to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

We integrate sustainability requirements and consideration in our purchases. The Teknos Supplier Code of Conduct is our sustainability expectations that we request our suppliers to fulfill. We assess and monitor our suppliers' sustainability performance using a globally recognized assessment called EcoVadis. 

Our targets:

  • 10 % decrease in lost-time accident frequency annually
  • 5 % decrease in energy intensity in production annually
  • 5 % decrease in waste (g/kg produced paint) in production annually
  • 95 % of suppliers by raw material spend signed Teknos’ Supplier Code of Conduct by 2025
  • 80 % of suppliers by raw material spend assessed on CSR by EcoVadis by 2025

3. People development

Our commitment to people is our foundation for succeeding now and in the future. By developing our employees’ competences and skills, attracting the best talents and creating an environment in which ideas and initiatives flourish, we can create long-term success for our people and our business.

The daily wellbeing and satisfaction of our employees plays a vital role to us. We measure it regularly through our Employee Opinion Survey (EOS).

Our targets:

  • 100 % of line managers received the Teknos leadership training by 2025
  • 100 % of employees have annual appraisal discussion by 2025

4. Future generations

Being a family-owned company, continuity is utterly important to us, and it affects all our actions.

We want to make choices, which bear to the next generations to come and to build a company, which the future generations will be proud to lead and be a part.

We aim to support entrepreneurship education and thinking in the society and to invest in local communities.

Our targets:

  • 100% of Teknos entities offer work-related opportunities to early career movers by 2025
  • 100% of Teknos entities support or participate in local community activities by 2025

Commitment to transparency

We strive for open communication on the way we operate and manage environmental and social issues. We externally report on these issues as well as the progress of our commitments and targets on an annual basis.