Our history


It all began in 1948...

That was the year when an old farm with a hen house was leased for the purposes of paint making in Tuomarila, Espoo (Finland). The hen house was renovated and came to house a laboratory. Production started after this, with the strength of one man and a pan mill.

Teknos's first product was the caseine paint Tuomo, named after the locality of Tuomarila. 

Our company's beginnings have been noted in the design of our logo, which sports both a cockerel and a paintbrush.


Ferrex was the start of our success

Ferrex anticorrosive paint was created in 1949 as the sum of many different things. Suffice it to say that curiosity, solution-based thinking and innovative approach played a big role, reflecting the fact that product development has been an important part of Teknos's operations from the very beginning. 

The paint slowing down the process of corrosion on surfaces was a hit both in Finland and many other countries, as it met the needs of industries in many ways. 


It's all about innovations

Alongside Ferrex success, conquests were made in other areas as well. Over the decades, a wealth of new and innovative products were developed, and some of them even as first in the world.

Sometimes, our solutions may sound quite paradoxical, like in the case of our water borne Ferrex Aqua, which slows down the corrosion process, but these cases only serve to highlight the creativity of our product development process.



Still as family business

The company that began its operations in a small hen house grew into an international concern, nonetheless staying as a family business. Our growth story continues conducted by the third generation of Kiikka family. 

Our story started from a hen house in Tuomarila, in 1948

Just like nature protects and preserves all its precious resources, our aim is to offer smart, sustainable coating solutions to protect and prolong the lifespan of all the things that you care for. ​

Ever since we started off 1948 in a small hen house, our relentless strive has been to offer the best solutions and services in close partnership with our customers. ​

With our unique history, experience, family company roots and culture, we have engaged with enthusiastic professionals, partners and customers and together we can make the world last longer.​​