• Primer
  • Water-borne

ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20, a 2-component water borne primer for new wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors. ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20 is an isocyanate free 2-component formulation, which can be utilised without implementing specific personal protection equipment.

ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20 can be applied by Flowcoat and Dipping or by Airmix and Airless spraying systems either by hand or in automated spraying facilities. ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20 will typically be applied on softwood, which has been pretreated with a Wood Preservative.

ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20 minimises yellowing from knots and softwood with a large amount of heartwood. ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20 is available as opaque white. ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20 is a highly versatile 2-component, robust softwood primer with a relatively long potlife, and can run in flowcoat or dipping facilities for up to 5 days without cleaning and discarde of possible surplus liquid. Besides being used for exterior windows or doors, ANTISTAIN AQUA 5300-20 is also typically used for pinewood garden furniture.

Volatile organic compound (VOC) See Safety Data Sheet.
Pot life 8 h (+23 °C)
Drying time – forced drying The drying time can be reduced using special drying systems to force drying. The drying times are approximate and may vary according to wood quality, temperatures, humidity, ventilation and film thickness.
Clean up The equipment is cleaned with water.