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Danish manufacturer Tvilum ships around eight million pieces of furniture all over the world each year. Founded in 1962 and based in Fårvang (near Aarhus), the company ranks among the world’s most prominent manufacturers of ready-to-assemble furniture. The extensive product range covers flat-packed furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, as well as offices, kitchens and bathrooms. Tvilum focuses on quality and attractive design at various price points.

Tvilum operates on an international level with representatives, sales partners and distribution centres all over the world and sells its products through the classic furniture retail business as well as via online dealers. The company also ships directly to end customers upon request. 1,250 boxes of Tvilum furniture are shipped worldwide every hour – that makes roughly 10 million a year!

Tvilum manufactures its products exclusively at its four plants in Denmark. State-of-theart production lines and 50 years of experience in manufacturing flat-packed furniture enable the company to produce at competitive prices in its home country. Moreover, the company focuses on developing and optimising its production and design so that it can meet international standards and the needs of end customers at all times.

100% UV protection with UVILUX

Tvilum has relied on Teknos coatings since 2012. “We were looking for a new supplier when we wanted to launch a new production line for high-gloss surfaces,” explains Tvilum purchasing director Karl Aage Jørgensen. “This not only called for good products, but also for a supplier with the experience and technical expertise to support a process like that. And that’s exactly what we found with Teknos.”

And Teknos has been Tvilum’s main supplier ever since. The high-gloss coating makes use of a 100% UV-curing system with UVILUX sealer, UVILUX primer and UVILUX topcoat with a gloss level of 90. Tvilum uses the system with rollers instead of the usual spray method – a special requirement which was met thanks to Teknos technical support. The coating meets the most demanding international standards, such as requirements for chemical resistance.

 Cabinet doors in particular receive a highgloss finish using this system, usually with an opaque coating in white, black or various trendy colours. For edges and interiors, Tvilum uses a matte coating with a gloss level of 20. The company also relies on Teknos when it comes to finishes with conventional gloss levels. “We are currently launching an additional production line at a different plant here in Denmark where we will also be using Teknos coatings continuously for a normal, more matte finish,” Karl Aage Jørgensen confirms. This means that more and more customers all over the world can look forward to furniture with finishes from Teknos. 


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