Shorter process times, improved surface quality

The new UVILUX Box Putty 1465-00 from Teknos is the first UV-curing putty suitable for industrial processing. The product facilitates perfect surfaces in a quick, economical cost-efficient process even when filling is mostly required.

Competitive products such as mouldings, frames or furniture components require cost-efficient manufacturing processes with high line speeds. This also applies if wood qualities with high filling requirements are used. Teknos developed the new UVILUX Box Putty 1465-00 precisely for requirements of this kind.

UVILUX Box Putty 1465-00 is a colorless film forming UV-curing putty for pretreating wood in industrial processes. The high-viscosity product is ideal for filling wood imperfections, such as knots, roughness and timber joints. Since the putty consists entirely of dry matter, the filling does not shrink and recesses do not form when the putty hardens. In addition, when the putty is applied, there is virtually no material left over because it is almost completely used.

One decisive advantage is the ability to further process the material quickly. UVILUX Box Putty 1465-00 can be hardened using Gallium GA and Mercury Hg lamps, Iron or Mercury lamps as well as UV LED lamps with a wavelength of 365 or 395 nm. If Gallium GA and Mercury Hg lamps are used in combination, line speed can go up to 100 m/min with correct UV energy. While water-based products require a separate drying facility and sometimes several hours to dry, workpieces filled with the new putty can be processed immediately after leaving the putty unit.

Impressive advantages

The new UVILUX Box Putty 1465-00 offers distinct advantages to industrial manufacturers. The UV-curing putty makes it possible to produce perfect surfaces in a cost-efficient process. Wood imperfections can be repaired reliably, for the most part without requiring time-consuming manual work. This reduces labor costs and reduces the space required for the production line. The omission of oven drying reduces process times significantly and allows extremely high line speeds. UV technology provides instant drying and thus the possibility of further processing of the items. At the end of the process, the surface quality is much better and the surfaces are smooth and even.

UVILUX Box Putty 1465-00 is therefore the perfect putty and primer solution for modern, cost-efficient processes in the manufacture of mouldings, wooden frames and furniture components.

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