Successful Partnership of modern Scandic kitchens

Teknos has led a groundbreaking collaboration to revolutionize kitchen aesthetics and functionality for Epoq Kitchens, utilizing the innovative UV and LED curable TEKNOLUX AQUA 1728 coatings. This project brought together four key parties: Teknos as the paint supplier and technical service, a specialized color tinting Colorcoat AB, kitchen manufacturer Horreds Möbler, and Epoq - a kitchen brand owned by Elkjøp. Together, they combined their unique strengths to meet the ambitious project goals.

The collaboration led to a significant enhancement of kitchen product aesthetics, introducing a palette of 28 distinct and durable colors. This achievement realized through close cooperation with Colorcoat AB, greatly broadened the appeal of Epoq's varied product range.



TEKNOLUX AQUA 1728 is notable for its versatility in the curing process, as it can be used with both LED and conventional UV lamps. The process ensures not only superior finish quality but also aligns with the environmental ethos of the collaboration, evidenced by Epoq’s Swan label certification.

This partnership marks a pivotal step in the production line's inception and development, showcasing the commitment of Teknos and its partners to innovation and comprehensive support. This collective effort has set a new industry standard in high-quality, trend-aligned kitchen cabinets, particularly celebrated across Scandinavian countries. Teknos remains dedicated to supporting future advancements with sustainable and modern kitchen coating solutions.


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Mirjana Repic
Group Business Development Director 

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Seeing the market's response to TEKNOLUX AQUA 1728 has been incredibly gratifying. It confirms that we are on the right track, producing not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly kitchen solutions

Mirjana Repic, Head of Group Business Development, Teknos

Partnering with Teknos has been transformative for our product line, elevating our kitchen offerings to meet the latest trends and customer expectations with unparalleled color stability and premium solutions

David Williamsson, Technical Manager Kitchen & Interior Nordic at Elkjøp.