Sustainable solution for wall and ceiling claddings

Cladding made of cement-bonded wood wool plays an important role in interior construction. Numerous of the solutions offered all over Europe have acknowledged acoustic properties and are typically non-inflammable, breathable and pollutant-free. Cement-bonded wood wool is therefore an ideal material for sustainable building.

That is why Teknos has worked on a solution, which could be specifically tailored if strict sustainability requirements should be followed: CEILING PAINT 7344 is a water based, air-drying white paint which penetrates the porous surfaces of cement-bonded wood wool boards without sealing them. The paint can be sprayed on in a single layer with a film thickness of 300-400 g/m².

One special issue to be noted: The selection of the raw materials meet cradle-to-cradle requirements (Level Silver). The C2C concept is based on the principle that the materials used should not end up in the rubbish after the end of the products life cycle, but rather become raw materials again in a closed cycle. CEILING PAINT 7344 is C2C-certified, which means, if manufacturers of cement-bonded wood wool boards wish to apply for C2C certification CEILING PAINT 7344 will be able to support this.

CEILING PAINT 7344 is available immediately. Teknos contact partners will be glad to assist you with any queries you may have.