Every chair is a masterpiece

In terms of design and quality, horgenglarus has been a world leader in furniture manufacture for more than 130 years. The oldest chair and table manufacturer in Switzerland relies on products from Teknos to produce an exquisite coating.

Celebrating its 100th birthday this year, the "classic" chair is characterized by a perfectly shaped, timeless design and highest quality workmanship. It is precisely these characteristics that define the company, which was founded in Horgen near Zurich in 1880 but now operates form Glarus.

Horgenglarus manufactures roughly 25,000 chairs and 10,000 tables every year. In addition to the "classic", the collection also includes around two dozen other models of chairs and bar stools as well as a range of tables, all of which are characterized by an outstanding design, meticulous workmanship and exceptional durability.

Horgenglarus has earned a worldwide reputation. In addition to its core markets in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, the company also exports to Scandinavia, the USA and Hong Kong. And not only models from the collection: horgenglarus has a long tradition of collaborating with furniture designers and architects to manufacture custom pieces for projects all over the world - from restaurant furniture and genuine reproductions for renovation projects to theater furnishings.

Outstanding craftsmanship and CNC technology

As a pioneer of the Swiss furniture industry, horgenglarus has been devoted to the series production of the highest quality furniture from its infancy. The company uses its extensive know-how to combine noble craftsmanship with the latest CNC-controlled production facilities.

The wood-bending station is the centerpiece of the production process. Components such as backrests, frames and legs are steamed and then bent into the correct shape. In order for the wood to maintain its stability and appearance, the growth rings must not be cut through.

State-of-the-art CNC technology cuts components accurate to the millimeter and also allows the individual production of small unit quantities. Typical examples of custom horgenglarus products include chairs manufactured for the Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten restaurant in Zurich, the Hotel Chrystie in New York and Hildesheim Cathedral.

Perfect coating with Teknos

For more than thirty years, the company has relied on products from the Teknos Feyco range to coat its chairs. Most items of furniture are usually stained in darker tones, black in particular. A deeply penetrating stain is applied to the wood and even if the piece is damaged slightly, the color impression is retained - an important characteristic that underlines the horgenglarus claim of durability.

Teknos wood stains and paints make an important contribution to the high quality of horgenglarus furniture. They enhance the wood and growth rings while lending chairs and tables a durable surface that is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical degradation - hand in hand with the horgenglarus motto 'World class - Made in Switzerland'.


Images courtesy of ®horgenglarus

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Furniture factory horgenglarus (Glarus, Swizerland)

  • The oldest chair and table manufactorer in Switzerland
  • 50 employees
  • 25,000 chairs and 10,000 tables per year
  • Chair model 'classic' since 1918
  • Uses stains and lacquers from the Teknos range for more than 30 years

World class from Swizerland

Teknos wood stains and lacquers make an important contribution to the high quality of chairs and tables from horgenglarus - a perfect complement to the horgenglarus predicate 'World Class - Made in Switzerland'.

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