TEKNOS Strategy 2019-2025

Ever since Teknos was founded in 1948, our ambition has been to offer the best technical solutions and services by working closely with our customers in long-term partnerships. Our vision is to be a sustainable coating solution provider close to our customers.  

Our strategy for 2019-2025 aims to ensure balanced and profitable growth. As the world around us is systematically changing, we need to adapt our actions and strategy to the new conditions and as a consequence, in mid-2022 we have decided to review our strategy. Updated strategy is simplified, more agile and based on four key strategic focus areas: Teknos Family culture as the basis of all decision making, Customer Experience, being Innovative and Responsible.

Unique Teknos Family culture

We are on a mission to make the world last longer for us and generations to come. To get there, we build and sustain Teknos Family culture, where each family member feels trusted, empowered and a sense of belonging. Our values – creative, persistent and fair - are core to our behaviours and guide us in everything we do. We build a diverse and inclusive global workplace, digitally connected. Together we succeed.

High-quality and high-value Customer Experience

We enhance the customer experience through SERVICES, COMPETENCES AND VALUE SELLING. We do it together, in real time, with real current cases and during all our interactions. We want to capture and conceptualize the results and continuously learn and improve the concepts and scale it to other settings. Our customer promise is composed of local presence - close to customers and value adding solutions, which are based on sustainable offering and superior systems & services.

Innovating for a longer-lasting world – together

The World around us is continuously changing and we need to change with it. Through innovation and continuous improvement, we develop future-proof solutions and processes that help our customers succeed and enable more sustainable use of resources. From the very beginning of Teknos’ story, innovations, continuous learning and adaptation have been at the heart of our business, driving our business development and shaping our mindset.

Being responsible for future generations

Being a family-owned company, continuity is important to us, and it affects all our actions. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program aims at creating sustainable long-term value for our stakeholders by investing in four focus areas: 

Future generations: We are a family-owned company and for our owner, taking care of future generations is the core of sustainability. Teknos wants to invest in enabling future generations to thrive.

Sustainable solutions: As our customer, you can get coatings that help you achieve your sustainability goals.

People & Culture: By developing and investing in Teknos employees, we can ensure that our well-trained and competent staff will offer the best possible expertise, products and services.

Responsible operations and supply chain: With our methodical way of managing environmental, raw material sourcing, logistic and social issues, you can feel confident and reduce risks when buying from us.