TEKNOS Strategy 2019-2025

Ever since Teknos was founded in 1948, our ambition has been to offer the best technical solutions and services by working closely with our customers in long-term partnerships. Our vision is to be sustainable coating solution provider close to our customers.   

Our strategy for 2019-2025 aims to ensure fast and profitable growth. Our target is to reach 1 billion euros net sales in 2025. Our five strategic initiatives are balance, customer experience, sustainability, continuous improvement culture and innovations.  

Balance is a key driver of business continuity 

Teknos’ strategy aims to ensure financial balance and operational efficiency. For Teknos, balance also means balance between different target customer groups and geographical balance of Teknos operations.  

Customer Experience by best-in-class technical service and sales 

In everything we do, we focus on our customer. Our flexible target customer teams aim to offer best-in-class technical service and sales to create a unique customer experience. We work closely with our customers providing reliable service and trainings, tailored to local needs. 

Sustainability is integrated in Teknos strategy and business model 

Being a family-owned company, continuity is important to us, and it affects all our actions. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program aims at creating sustainable long-term value for our stakeholders by investing in four focus areas:  

  • Sustainable solutions & services 
  • Responsible operations & supply chain 
  • People development 
  • Future generations 

The most innovative partner in the coatings industry 

We want to be perceived as the most innovative partner in the coatings industry. We are constantly looking for new raw materials and efficient technologies to produce innovative solutions serving new areas of industry.  In future, the share of innovations – innovative products, services and technologies – of our sales will increase. 

Learning organization via continuous improvement culture 

To achieve our strategic goals and ensure customer satisfaction and high quality, we must reflect ourselves daily to continuously improve and thus to become a learning organization. We systematically run improvement projects to learn more and develop processes in all countries and functions.