Development opportunities

We are committed to support our people in their career growth and providing learning opportunities at work. Our people development concept is called the Teknos Academy and it consists of leadership and professional training aligned with our strategy. 

Teknos Leadership Academy

We put a strong emphasis on developing our line managers by providing them tools so that they are able to coach and develop their own team members. The Teknos Leadership Academies include aspects such as coaching, target setting, giving and receiving feedback and readiness to act in various leadership situations like leading change.

The trainings are packed with practical exercises, gamification and e-learnings. Particular attention is paid to the transfer the learned content to everyday work.

Our goal is to train all of our managers in leadership by the end of the strategy period 2025. 

Professional training and job rotations

For our employees we give a variety of professional trainings, which are aimed at developing our employees’ professional competencies. Examples of these trainings are sales, communications, product and Kaizen trainings.

Apart from actual trainings, Teknos has a strong heritage of providing development and career growth opportunities for our employees in means of job rotation, role extension and moving on to specialist or managerial positions.

Development opportunities at Teknos