Protective paint

  • UV resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Water-borne

SILOKSAN ANTI-CARB is a matt, water-borne and acrylate-based protective paint for concrete. It protects concrete from carbonation caused by carbon dioxide, and from deterioration caused by moisture.

Use: New and previously painted facades outdoors, e.g. concrete, plaster, lime-sand brick and mineral boards. SILOKSAN ANTI-CARB protective paint is easy to apply with roller or spray. Its binder composition gives it good colour retention in strain caused by UV radiation. The matt surface of SILOKSAN ANTI-CARB has good resistance to mechanical strain, abrasion, and stresses during the construction period. The paint is also easy to clean. SILOKSAN ANTI-CARB does not require any separate priming coat, and priming made with diluted paint can in normal conditions be overcoated the same working day.

Surface preparation

NEW SURFACES: New concrete element or cast surfaces can be painted with SILOKSAN ANTI-CARB when a minimum of one month has passed after the casting, the surface is completely bound and no longer wet or matt moist. In measurements the moisture values of the concrete must be under 97 % as relative humidity (RH) or 4 % as per cent by weight. Smooth concrete surfaces are roughened in order to ensure adhesion of the paint. It is recommended that new plaster surfaces are coated only after a hardening time of 6 - 8 weeks. Surfaces to be painted are washed, if required, and loose impurities, plaster splashes etc. are removed. NOTE! When painting concrete surfaces take care of removing the laitance before painting. When handling substrates containing asbestos, regulations given by authorities must be followed. PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: Remove flaking and poorly adherent or pulverized (e.g. lime wash) paint coats. The method to be used is chosen depending on the strength of the substrate and the type of the paint to be removed (e.g. wire-brushing, hot pressurized-water cleaning or water-sand cleaning). Remove also poorly adherent, brittle plaster and concrete surfaces. Check the condition of the concrete seams and repair where required. If concrete constructions have cracks by the reinforcement bars, these cracks are to be opened by e.g. chipping or with a grinding machine. After this the concrete is roughened, if required. Clean all rust from the exposed steel bars and protect them with e.g. INERTA MASTIC epoxy coating. Use appropriate repair mortars to repair the opened cracks and dents to the level of the surrounding surface. Finish the repaired areas carefully and let them harden before they are painted.

Application conditions

During the application and drying period the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the product shall be above +5°C and the relative air humidity below 80%.


Must not freeze.

Suitable airless nozzle size 0.017 - 0.021".
Solids abt. 38 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) EU VOC limit value (kat A/c): 40 g/l. The product's VOC: max. 40 g/l.
Gloss Matt
Tinting system Teknomix
Practical spreading rate 4 - 6 m²/l.
Drying time – dust free 30 min
Drying time - overcoatable 2 h
Thinner Water.
Clean up Water.
Colours Base paints 1 (white) and 3, which can be tinted to obtain the shades in Exteriour Colour Card.
Packages Base paints 1 and 3: 9 l, 18 l. Availability varies by country.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.
Approvals & certificates CE marking,Finnish Key Flag