Paint for sheet-iron roofs

  • Corrosion protective
  • Solvent-borne

KIRJO is an alkyd-based paint with anticorrosive pigmentation for maintenance painting of sheet-iron roofs and a special paint for zinc-coated and light metal surfaces. Finish: semimatt.

To be used for maintenance painting of sheet-iron roofs previously painted with alkyd paints and for other galvanized and light metal surfaces. Can also be used as a protective coating on hot-dip-galvanized and aluminium surfaces and as a top coat on steel surfaces primed with KIRJO, thus every paint coat contains active protection against corrosion. The paint contains active pigments which neutralize acid gases of the air and thus the paint protects the surface against corrosion.

Technical data sheet

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Surface preparation

PREVIOUSLY WITH ALKYD PAINTS PAINTED SHEET-IRON ROOFING AND OTHER STEEL SURFACES: All flaking and poorly adherent paint and rust is removed by scraping, wire brushing, sanding or blast-cleaning. If the whole paint coat is, or can be assumed to be poorly adherent (e.g. paint is flaking in many areas), the paint is removed by mechanical methods or with paint remover. Bitumen paints and tars are removed totally before painting with KIRJO. The surface is washed with RENSA ROOF roof wash (diluted 1 part detergent : 3 parts water) and rinsed with fresh water. NOTE! Cleaning agent must not dry onto the surface to be painted. UNPAINTED ZINC-COATED SURFACES: Before the painting zinc-coated steel surface is washed with RENSA STEEL washing agent for galvanized surfaces according to the instructions. Remove possible rust eg. by steel brush and wipe off grease and oil with TEKNOSOLV 9550 before treatment with RENSA STEEL. Wash ALUMINIUM SURFACES with RENSA STEEL washing agent for galvanized surfaces and roughen up using appropriate methods.


Stir thoroughly before use. Suitable airless nozzle size 0.013 - 0.015". Rusty, pretreated areas are touched up with KIRJO and thereafter the roof is painted with KIRJO to a dry film thickness of 40 µm.

Application conditions

The surface to be treated must be dry. During the application and drying period the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the product shall be above +5°C and the relative air humidity below 80%. Thin the paint 5 - 10% with TEKNOSOLV 9550 when painting surfaces above +30°C. It is not recommended to paint surfaces that are above +50°C.


The painted surface withstands rain in normal conditions after abt. three hours drying. The final forming of the paint film takes 1 - 2 weeks under normal circumstances and after that the ultimate durability and hardness is reached. Before this the painted surface must be treated with care. The painted surface can be cleaned with water and a neutral (pH 6 - 8) detergent, if needed. For very dirty surfaces can also alkalescent (pH 8 - 10) detergents be used. Follow the dilution and other instructions of the detergent producer when using detergents. Surfaces painted with KIRJO can in the future be maintenance painted with alkyd and acrylate paints suitable for the object and according to the instructions for the product in question.
Solids abt. 46 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) EU VOC limit value (kat A/i): 500 g/l. The product's VOC: max. 500 g/l.
Gloss Semi-matt
Tinting system Teknomix
Density abt. 1.2 g/ml
Practical spreading rate 9 - 11 m²/l per application. The values depend on the application technique, surface conditions, overspray, etc.
Drying time – dust free 4 h
Drying time – touch dry 6 h
Drying time - overcoatable 16 h
Thinner TEKNOSOLV 1621 (solvent naphtha) or TEKNOSOLV 9550
Clean up TEKNOSOLV 1621 (solvent naphtha).
Colours Base paints 1, 3 and 4, which can be tinted to obtain the shades in Exterior Colour Card. Ready-made shades: T2514 Brown. T2515 Black.
Packages Base paint 1, base paint 3, base paint 4: 0.9 l, 2.7 l, 9 l, 18 l. T2514, T2515: 1 l, 3 l, 10 l, 20 l.
Safety markings See safety data sheet. NOTE! Because of the danger of spontaneous combustion, any waste from the product, spray mist and soiled rags etc. are to be kept in a fire-proof place in air-tight containers. Immersion in water is also recommended.
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