Epoxy coating

  • Corrosion protective
  • Wear resistant
  • 2-component
  • Solvent-borne
  • Primer

INERTA 165 is a two-pack epoxy coating with low solvent content and based on liquid epoxy resin.

Used on steel in Epoxy Coating System K34. Also suitable on concrete. Also used on objects immersed in water, e.g. sluice gates and pipelines of hydropower plants.

INERTA 165 has good adhesion to blast-cleaned steel and excellent abrasion resistance due to smooth and hard surface of the cured film. It is therefore suitable for use on structures that are to be subjected to heavy abrasion. INERTA 165 can be applied by airless spray, either one-component or hot twin-feed spray. Also INERTA 165-02 HARDENER can be used in the product. Compared to the standard hardener INERTA 165 HARDENER it enables to shorten the curing time and to extend the pot life. In addition the spraying properties of the paint get better, it is possible to paint thicker films without sagging and the drying temperature can be +5°C. Also available a version of the standard hardener: INERTA 165-11 HARDENER with a different solvent composition.

Solids abt. 92 % by volume
Total mass of solids abt. 1300 g/l
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 100 g/l
Pot life 30 min. (+23 °C)
Mixing ratio 2:1 by volume (comp. A : comp. B)
Hardener Comp. B: INERTA 165 HARDENER
Gloss Gloss
Drying time – dust free 6 h
Drying time – touch dry 12 h
Drying time – fully cured 7 d
Thinner TEKNOSOLV 9506
Clean up TEKNOSOLV 9506