Anticorrosive paint

  • Corrosion protective
  • Special adhesion
  • Water-borne

FERREX AQUA is a water-borne anticorrosive pigmented and corrosion inhibiting anticorrosive paint and adhesion primer. Finish: semimatt. The product has been classified to Group M1 in Emission Classification of building materials. Marine Equipment Approval (Module B) (2014/90/EU) number VTT-C-11855-15-16 for coating system FERREX AQUA primer + FUTURA AQUA 20, FUTURA AQUA 40 or FUTURA AQUA 80 top coat. Anticorrosive paint and adhesion primer for iron and steel surfaces as well as aluminium outdoors and indoors. The adhesion of FERREX AQUA on zinc-coated (galvanized) surfaces as well as on prefabrication primers is also excellent.

The pigmentation of FERREX AQUA effectively prevents underfilm corrosion. FERREX AQUA can be overcoated with nearly all Teknos water- and solvent-borne paints for sheet-iron roofs, furniture and houses. FERREX AQUA has moderate weather resistance and it can also be left without a top coat.

Surface preparation

Surfaces to be painted are cleaned from dirt, grease, oil and other impurities. RENSA STEEL washing agent, solvent wiping etc. is used for cleaning. Rust and corrosion are removed from the surfaces using scraping, wire-brushing, sanding, blast-cleaning or other suitable method. Old, glossy surfaces are roughened using sanding, blast-cleaning or other suitable method. Loose and poorly adherent old paint or coating is removed. Aluminium surfaces are roughened using sanding, blast-cleaning ot other suitable method.


Before use stir the paint thoroughly. Apply by brush or spray. Recommended nozzle size for airless spray is 0.011 - 0.015''.

Application conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry. During the application and drying period (note also the temperature of the night following the painting) the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the paint shall be above +10°C and the relative air humidity below 80%. If the temperature of the surface to be painted exceeds +40°C, the application properties and the adhesion of the paint may deteriorate.


Must not freeze.
Solids abt. 42 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) EU VOC limit value (kat A/i): 140 g/l. The product's VOC: max. 140 g/l.
Gloss Semi-matt
Density abt. 1.3 g/ml
Practical spreading rate 8 - 10 m²/l depending on application technique, substrate and the quality of surface.
Drying time – touch dry 3 h
Drying time - overcoatable 16 h
Thinner Water.
Clean up Warm water and RENSA BRUSH brush cleaner.
Colours Grey (T1380) and white (T1326).
Packages 0,5 L, 1 L, 3 L, 10 L
Safety markings See safety data sheet. NOTE! Because of the danger of spontaneous combustion, any waste from the product, spray mist and soiled rags etc. are to be kept in a fire-proof place in air-tight containers. Immersion in water is also recommended.
Approvals & certificates M1 classification,Marine Equipment Approval (Module B)