Measuring carbon footprint facilitates climate work at Teknos

To invest into the right areas in corporate responsibility and to be able to set its emission targets, Teknos has launched a project to measure its carbon footprint on Group level. Measurement is done following the internationally recognized GHG Protocol with the help of Gaia Consulting.

The work started by calculating the carbon emissions of Teknos’ own operations (scope 1 & 2), including company facilities and vehicles as well as purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling. The assessment excluded most of the value chain emissions (scope 3), except for business travel.

In 2021 Teknos emitted 79.5 kg CO2e for every tonne of production. The total measured carbon footprint was approximately 9300 tonnes of CO2e, of which 45% came from indirect emissions such as electricity, district heating and district cooling. 44% was created on-site, mainly through the direct use of fossil fuels when operating vehicles and machinery and using gas-based heating systems or ovens. Business travel accounted for around 10% of emissions, but this figure is expected to be lower than usual because of the pandemic, the company's transition to a hybrid work model and the extensive use of digital collaboration tools.

"Sustainability plays crucial role in designing and improving our business processes. We have now looked at our emission in relation to our production output (emission intensity), but our goal is to measure the entire value chain emissions, including Scope 1-3 in the future. This is to understand the full impact of our operations, and to be able to set our Group level emission targets and to take adequate actions", Paula Salastie, CEO & owner of Teknos Group Oy says.