The facade on DSV’s new domicile has a mother of pearl effect

We were interested in a white surface on the facades, which ”links” to DSV’s universe in transport, trucks, planes, etc., and went after the look and characteristics of automotive paint,” says Søren Mølbak, PLH Architects. He is the architect partner responsible for the construction of the new global headquarters and distribution centre for the transport and logistics company DSV in Hedehusene, Denmark.

PLH Architects were looking for a special surface for the facades of the new DSV domicile. It was a prerequisite that the aluminium surface of the facades should be powder coated, so that they could live up to the requirements for both durability and appearance. A search on the internet led the architects to Teknos, who had the products that were relevant and suitable, and they also existed in the desired colour and mother of pearl effect.

Living surface catches the daylight

INFRALIT PE 8350-77 DECO with metallic effect is a high quality; weather-proof; bonded polyester powder coating with GSB and Qualicoat approval. The white pearlescent decorative metallic effect powder coating, which was selected for the DSV project, provides a more vivid surface that captures the daylight and gives life to the entire facade.


The surface is of great importance to the aesthetic expression, the maintenance and the durability. The special powder coating gives the aluminium sheets some properties, which mean that they are dirt-repelling, easy to clean and extremely weather-proof. The coating can simply be cleaned/washed in the same work process as when the windows are cleaned. It is, of course, important that the white facade does not appear dirty at any time.

A sustainable construction

DSV’s new headquarters takes advantage of a number of advanced technologies with regards to construction, but at the same time maintains a straightforward and easily understood expression. The architecture reflects DSV’s values, and the facade signals this outwardly.

The technically-advanced facade is prefabricated as storey height, whole wall elements mounted directly onto the building, which in this way was sealed in only three weeks. Everything including window blinds, ventilation, solar protection features, CTS management, etc. was in built into the facade elements when the entire building envelope was set up.

 It was a prerequisite that the aluminium surface of the facades should be powder coated, so that they could live up to the requirements for both durability and appearance.

The DSV facade is a prefabricated special solution, where all the technical functions and expressions have been thought out together. It is the facade supplier HSHansen A/S, which was been responsible for the production of the elements, including the power coating, which has been carried out in cooperation with Teknos’ technical consultants.

The facade has been designed as an intelligent controlled climate and light shield, which ensures high penetration of daylight deep into the building. The building is laid out in four storeys around an atrium with a reception, locker rooms, meeting centre and canteen on the ground floor and work spaces in open offices on the other floors.

In conjunction with the administration building, a terminal building of 12,000 m² will be constructed for the reloading of goods. The buildings will be connected by a walkway. A number of sustainable initiatives have been incorporated into the project. A large-scale solar cell system will be constructed on the surface of the terminal building, which can supply power to the office domicile and reduce energy consumption as well as contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.


Architects: PLH Architects A/S
Facade supplier: HSHansen A/S
Location of the building: Hedehusene, Denmark.
Areal: 12,000 m²
Surface treatment: INFRALIT PE 8350-77 DECO polyester powder coating with metallic effect

INFRALIT PE 8350-77 DECO polyester powder coatings

  • Excellent weather resistance
  • GSB and Qualicoat approved
  • Available in all RAL Classic solid colours in three bonded metallic effects: pearlescent (P), coarse aluminium (C) and fine aluminium (F)
  • Semi-gloss
  • Short delivery time
  • Available also in small batches; minimum delivery 20 kg

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