The Steam Hotel, Sweden

The gorgeous industrially decorated Steam hotel in Västerås, Sweden by Lake Mälaren is protected with  anti-corrosive and fire protection coating system by Teknos and Hensel.

The hotel is a former steam power plant and part of the Swedish cultural history. The 100-year-old building used to be one of the country’s biggest energy producers in the earlier days. Just until the building turned 100 years it was rebuilt into a modern hotel. The hotel is a combination of old and new, consisting of 18 floors, 227 rooms, restaurants, bars and a spa.

Teknos provided intumescent paints in co-operation with Hensel to this culturohistorically valuable building/refurbishment project.

The system includes:

Primer and topcoat: TEKNOCRYL AQUA COMBI 2780

Intumescent paint: Hensotherm 420 KS

Fire class 60 and 90 minutes


Teknos & Hensel

Fighting Corrosion and Fire

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