Coating solutions for fire & corrosion protection of steel structures

Teknos’ selected range of advanced, high-performance protective coatings together with HENSOTHERM® intumescent paints form an inclusive range of paint systems for fire and corrosion protection of steel, for different environments, including both interior and exterior use, for open and closed profiles, and for corrosion-protected and galvanised sections.

Why choosing the right intumescent coating is vital

Steel structures are the skeleton of the building, keeping it up. When a fire breaks out, the temperature rises rapidly to a level where the steel structures lose their stability and in consequence, collapse. With public buildings it is essential to ensure people using the building have enough time to escape in case of fire. Choosing high quality intumescent coating is important because once applied, the paint is put to the test only when a hazard strikes.

Intumescent paints and coatings for fire-protection of steel

With fire protection/intumescent paint systems, we can slow down the heating process of steel. The intumescent paint forms an insulating layer on steel surface by foaming due to heat. The insulating foam provides steel stability for 30-120 minutes, depending on the selected paint system.

Steel can take on average 350-750 °C depending on the load on it. The more there are heavy structures, from the type of the roof to the number of floors in the building, the bigger the load. Thus, the required fire protection system depends on the load on the structures: If the building has only one floor and there are many exits, like in shopping malls and stadiums, a 30min system is often adequate. If there are more floors and the load is higher, 60min or 90min fire protection paint systems are required.

Intumescent paint systems

Important considerations when protecting steel structures from fire:

  • Observe the load on the structures / Critical steel temperature
  • Type of steel profiles to be coated
  • Fire classification, from R30 to R120 (mins)
  • Outdoor use, solvent borne
  • Indoor use, both water borne & solvent borne (usage 100% indoor, no outdoor transportation or storing)
  • Pre-treatment is essential to reach the right corrosivity category
  • High quality is essential as maintenance painting is usually not done
  • We recommend paints approved by both Teknos and Hensel in accordance with ETA approval document


HENSOTHERM® intumescent paints for steel are approved by the construction authorities in accordance with the EN European standard and DIN standard of the German Institute for Standardisation, and have further international certificates in accordance with the Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuerversicherungen VKF for use in Switzerland, British standard BS 476 for use in Europe and the Middle East, Underwriters Laboratories UL 263 for use in the USA and Canada, and Gossudarstwenny Standard GOST for use in the areas belonging to the Russian Federation. 

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Janne Nordmark
Business Development Manager - Fire Protection


Checklist for choosing the correct intumescent paint system

• F/V (section factor value)
• Critical steel temperature
• Fire class (R)
• Exposure (indoor/outdoor)