Wind turbine maintenance

Innovative Teknos paints and coating solutions enhance the longevity of wind turbines while enabling short process times, higher productivity and cost savings. Our solutions have been tried and tested in harsh conditions with official tests.

Game-changing paint and coating solutions for wind turbine blade repair

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Further improved Productivity in Wind Turbine Blade Repair

TEKNOBLADE® REPAIR 9000 is a single-layer solution to superior wind turbine blade leading edge protection. This wind turbine maintenance coating is an elastomer-based high-solid paint with 100% proportion solids and no VOCs, making it a sustainable solution. The product is applied via application gun or robot and it forms a protective elastic layer of 2-4 mm. It can be used both as a preventive edge protection on new rotor blades as well as for blade repair.


  • Just 1 coat application – repair work is 6 times faster
  • Only a few minutes curing time instead of 2 hours – minimized downtime
  • Processing at temperatures from -8°C up to +50°C – up to 25% more working days per year
  • Protective elastic layer of 2-4 mm – high absorption of impact energy
  • Rain erosion test in accordance with DNVGL-RP-0171: 10 hours at 130 m/s, but at 120 m/s no visual effect even after 21 hours, result after aging according to DNV-GL 0424 is 270 mins
  • Higher productivity, reduced downtimes, more durable



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Flagship project

Rope Robotics is using TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 for leading edge protection with robot application.

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Up to 40% project cost savings in wind turbine blade repair

The erosion of wind turbine blades causes huge repair costs, especially offshore, where repair work is up to 300 times more expensive compared to onshore work. The elastomer-based solvent-free coating technology TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 is a valuable, cost-saving innovation. Compared to blade repair using more traditional technology, the product brings a project cost reduction of up to 40%.

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1 layer instead of 3 – a revolution in rotor blade repair

While conventional repair paint systems usually require three coats (primer, filler and topcoat), the time-saving, high-quality paint repair system TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 is capable of repairing damaged edges with just one single coat. This makes repair work up to six times faster.

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When good design and good paint work together

“Ever since the beginning of our cooperation with Teknos, we have been enthusiastic about their practical approach, their theoretical knowledge, high level of service and flexibility.”

The Danish company Andresen Towers developed a concept for wind turbine towers that simplifies transport and makes it possible to haul towers everywhere. TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 met the high demands made by Andresen Towers for the surface paint.

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• Elastomer-based solvent-free coating technology
• 1 layer instead of 3 saves time and cost
• Environmentally friendly

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Watch how TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 works


Further improved new white version of the revolutionary TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000

The innovative solution makes leading edge repair six times faster compared to traditional systems. Globally, tens of thousands of rotor blades are in need for repair. Reducing operational impairments to a minimum requires a repair solution that is easy, fast and safe to apply even under adverse conditions on site. Teknos has developed TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 for exactly these requirements.


See our rain erosion test results

The TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 solution has great impact resistance thanks to its unique elasticity. Order the report collecting all relevant information from a rain erosion test performed by the independent Danish engineering company AeroNordic in accordance with DNVGLRP-0171, for free. 

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Download our TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 application guide

To learn the basics of using the TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 solution, see our simple application guide.



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