Game-changing paint and coating solutions for wind turbine blade repair

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Further improved Productivity in Wind Turbine Blade Repair

TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 is a solution to superior leading edge protection. This wind turbine maintenance coating is an elastomer-based high-solid paint with 100% proportion solids and no VOCs, making it a sustainable solution. The product is applied via application gun or robot and it forms a protective elastic layer of 2-4 mm. It can be used both as a preventive edge protection on new rotor blades as well as for blade repair.


  • Just 1 coat application – repair work is 6 times faster
  • Only a few minutes curing time instead of 2 hours – minimized downtime
  • Processing at temperatures from -8°C up to +50°C – up to 25% more working days per year
  • Protective elastic layer of 2-4 mm – high absorption of impact energy
  • Rain erosion test in accordance with DNVGL-RP-0171: 10 hours at 130 m/s, but at 120 m/s no visual effect even after 21 hours, result after aging according to DNV-GL 0424 is 270 mins
  • Higher productivity, reduced downtimes, more durable


Flagship project

Rope Robotics is using TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 for leading edge protection with robot application.

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