Pioneering one coat solution for wind turbine blade repair

TEKNOBLADE 9000-40: custom-designed for robotic application

Our one coat solution for wind turbine blade repair is a game-changer for robot application in LEP industry. This innovative technology allows extremely fast and easy repairs, reducing downtime and costs compared to traditional repair methods. The product can be applied in a single layer, no fillers or topcoats needed, and it provides a durable and long-lasting repair. Its benefits include improved blade performance, increased energy production, and reduced maintenance costs. Contact us to see the difference it can make in your wind turbine maintenance.

TEKNOBLADE 9000-40 for fast leading-edge erosion repair with robot or drone application

Only 1 coat needed:
repair more than 3 turbine blades in 1 day

Extremely fast curing:
touch-dry in 120 second
 back in service after 1 hour

Long-term durability:
good UV protection, color retention and erosion protection

Excellent rain erosion test results:
superior to conventional coatings
Superior impact resistance:
durable solution for a long service life for turbine blades



The leading edges of wind turbine blades are under constant assault from the elements, such as rain, hail, ice and UV radiation. Approximately 80,000 turbine blades are currently reported to be in need of repair. As damaged blades always cause a risk of reduced yield, effective repair solutions are needed across the world.

Teknos answers the needs of the wind power sector with a new addition to the innovative and successful TEKNOBLADE 9000 product range. Supporting the technological advances in the industry, Teknos has developed TEKNOBLADE 9000-40. It offers unique benefits for pioneering repair companies and wind park owners focused on robotic application.

The key advantage is speed: faster repair processes and less turbine downtime. TEKNOBLADE 9000-40 offers effective leading edge protection with one single coat, in contrast to more conventional solutions that typically require a primer, a filler and topcoat. Additionally, the solution is ultra-fast curing. Teknos’ newest product version is touch dry in 120 seconds, making it even faster than the previous versions of TEKNOBLADE 9000.


Realizing the possibilities of robotic turbine blade repair, a rapidly evolving trend in the industry, Teknos chose to develop a coating specifically for robotic application. “We want to provide solutions that enable smart, proactive repair of turbine blades. We believe that early intervention is the best option, as well as the cheapest,” says Allan Bonde Jensen, Business Development Manager at Teknos.

Teknos also saw a need to develop an LEP coating that is even more durable in the long term, with increased colour stability and erosion protection. With the new TEKNOBLADE 9000-40, Teknos achieved this improved durability, enabling a longer service life for wind turbine blades.

TEKNOBLADE 9000-40 forms an elastic layer on the leading edge with a thickness of up to 2,500 μm. The coating shows great results in rain erosion tests: under standardized test conditions according to DNVGL RP-0171, the coated leading edges withstand exposure at 130 m/s for more than 10 hours, significantly longer compared to conventional coating systems.

In addition to rain, TEKNOBLADE 9000-40 offers great protection from UV radiation. After accelerated UV light aging, the leading edges can withstand defined impact significantly longer than required by DNVGL.

TEKNOBLADE 9000-40 is available to all those that are driving innovation in the wind power industry with robotic turbine blade repair.


    Specifications    TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000-40
    Color     White
    Gel time     40-50 sec
    Tack free (2mm at 23°C & 50% RH)     ~120 sec
    Back in service time     1 hour in +3 ºC
    General thickness     2–3 mm
    Application method       Robot, drone
    Available cartridges     200 / 600 / 1500ml


Teknos is happy to share its product and expertise with blade maintenance companies.

Allan Bonde Jensen
Business Development Manager, Energy


Innovative turbine blade repair

Ultra-fast and safe, Reblade combines custom-made drone technology with the TEKNOBLADE 9000-40  and promises to reduce the average repair time per turbine blade from nine hours to just nine minutes.

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