Coating World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm's Foundations with Polyurea


Corrosion protection provider Krebs Korrosionsschutz GmbH was searching for a polyurea supplier for a new application area: offshore wind turbine foundations for the world’s largest offshore wind farm Hornsea 2, expected to be complete in 2022 according to the project owner Ørsted.

Offshore foundations need protection against mechanical impacts and abrasion due to connecting structures and vessels rubbing against the structure, increasing the risk of corrosion because of possible damages to the anticorrosive paint system on the foundation.

Krebs needed a partner who could, in addition to supplying the product, also support the training of their painters as polyurea was taken into use for the first time. Spraying polyurea is different and slightly more complex compared to other coatings.


Polyurea, an extremely durable and resilient coating is ideal to protect turbine foundations’ underlying anticorrosive paint coats from breaking.

Teknos, were brought in as a specialist supplier and a reliable partner to execute the project, offering also supportive consulting and training. Teknos gathered a technical team consisting of polyurea and wind energy specialists.

After a well-performed test painting, the project was kick-started with a comprehensive two-day, tailored polyurea training session. Application training was conducted with the specially developed yellow polyurea that is used for coating the end product. The yellow polyurea complies with the standard requirements for creating visibility at the sea.


The painters were satisfied with the training and felt confident to start the actual project. Project managers agreed with the team’s opinion.

When the first batches of boat landing pieces were ready at Krebs for coating, the same technical team from Teknos was on site, supporting the initial application of the polyurea.

“When selecting a new supplier to bring in a new coating system, everything comes down to trust,” says Krebs CEO Andreas Biermann.

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