From baseball fields to selling paint

Sami Määttälä is a well-known name and a face not only for Teknos re-sellers in Northern Finland but also for many interested in Finnish baseball. In 1991, the baseball districts were buzzing about this rising baseball talent. Finnish baseball is still close to Sam's heart, but after an active career in sports, the road led him first to work with coatings in the retail sector and then to Teknos.

Sami remembers his career move to Teknos with a smile on his lips: “I worked in K-Rauta, where Teknos paints are sold. I met one of the Teknos sales guy there, and as an open job opportunity was risen, I thought that if there were more people like him working for Teknos, then I would want to work there too!”.

Well-known as a team player, Sami got the job and started as Teknos' Area Sales Manager in spring 2005, right ahead of the outdoor paint season.

Sami's job includes customer visits to stores, meetings with paint contractors, various site visits and trainings. Naturally, with the growth of the company and the development of its operations, the job responsibilities have been refined over the years.

“Nowadays, work also consists of sales reporting”, Sami recalls and continues: “But the core and goals remain the same, that is, as much sales as possible!”.

The work tasks and the expected nice working community met Sami's expectations and he has been working for Teknos already 14 years.

Work-life balance and freedom of work 

“There is not a morning that I have not wanted to come to work. I have enjoyed my job and I still do. The work community is really awesome. This job also gives you peace of mind to enjoy your free time without having to worry about work”.

To counteract mobile work, Sami moves a little more; he enjoys skiing, going to the gym and biking. Also spending time with the family is important. Sami’s family consists of a wife, two already grown-up daughters and an dog named Aapo.

Freedom of work and top clients are definitely the best parts in Sami’s job. Of course, the fact that the products are great and are constantly developed makes work also easier. Looking forward and going forward is a characteristic of Sami and “going forward” can also be described as his motto.

In particular, Sami wants to develop cooperation between customers and Teknos; Mutual trust and partnership are important aspects of customer relationships. Sami sees that Teknos is truly a reliable partner: “We do a very good job, which is visible and heard. We must continue to do so. We have all the pieces right for good cooperation with all our customers”, Sami ends.

Area Sales Manager Sami Määttälä has worked for Teknos for 14 years.