From an HR Trainee to CEM development manager, in five years

In 2017, Annika was still working to complete her university degree at the University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics. One regular day, she thought to open her LinkedIn account and see if there was something new. She had received a new private message. The message was sent to her already a month ago, but Annika had just not noticed it as she was still not such an active user of LinkedIn. The message was from Teknos headhunter who was promoting the Teknos trainee program for Annika. Teknos had found Annika.

“The program immediately captured my interest and I started seeking more information. Right after seeing the message, I replied to the program recruiter to ask whether it was still possible to apply late. Regrettably, I heard that the application period was closed already.”, Annika explains.

Even though Annika missed the first application period for Teknos’ trainee program, she marked it to her calendar in advance for the next year – applied early in 2018 and got chosen.

This year Annika is celebrating her fifth-year work anniversary at Teknos

Annika joined Teknos right after graduating from the university and started working as an HR trainee. Annika’s core work responsibilities at that time were in the production of various e-learning courses.

Did you know that as part of Annika’s university business studies, she has also studied pedagogy as her minor studies – quite a perfect combination for an HR trainee doing online training and other duties around the Leadership Academy, learning, and development, isn’t it?

After working for the company for three years, Annika got to do a little swing for her tasks. Namely, Group HR started discussions of launching a new HR software, Talentsoft. As Annika had already been closely linked to the tasks related to personnel learning and development, it was quite a natural move for her to start leading the launching of the tool.

During the implementation project, an interesting career development opportunity was opened in the CEM team. After the successful launch of the tool, Annika's Teknos journey took an exciting move towards the commercial side as CEM Development Manager.

“I have always liked to work with topics regarding people and development, however, I feel like my bigger passion is towards the core and commercial side of a business. So, this opportunity felt like a perfect match for me.”, Annika smiles.

Now, Annika has been working as Group CEM Development Manager for a couple of months. The greatest thing so far for Annika has been the possibility to work closer to the customers and get to better understand this perspective of a business.

Teknos is a workplace for me where I can be who I am

From the very beginning, I have felt like Teknos has been a good workplace for me, a place where I can be who I am. I strongly feel that I have been trusted to try out new things, explore possibilities, and challenge the status quo. This has enabled me to grow and learn as a person and as a business professional and get to where I am today. I have also truly loved the people whom I have collaborated and worked with during these five years. Teknos people’s willingness to help and participate is truly something I am grateful for – I would even call it a great internal customer service mindset.

“I would like to truly thank everyone for making Teknos such a place as it is today –a place that I enjoy being part of.”, Annika ends.