Who knows better the Drywood products of Teknos than a sales expert with over 20 years of experience in the company?

Let’s all congratulate Albert Vorgers, the successful sales expert of Teknos, for having been with us for over 20 years.

This lovely, positive, and highly customer-oriented gentleman (also a proud grandfather for one) has worked with paints and sales for almost his whole life, over 35 years now. In Teknos, he has been contributing his great knowledge already for over 20 years starting from the 6th of May 2002.

“I was working in another company that sold Drywood products and, due to business reasons, I knew a lot of Teknos’ employees. Therefore, I did not need to search for a new company to work for, I already knew Drywood Teknos well, and wanted to join.”

Albert explains that his long work history in the company has been mostly prompted by the interesting and unique products of Teknos. Having a high interest and true passion for the company’s products are also factors that he highlights as crucial when it comes to working as a salesperson. Not only the products, but also the great colleagues here have made him stay. Albert has been working with various products in the field of paintings. In Teknos, he has been working mostly with local sales in Netherlands, and he truly enjoyed his job.

“The best thing about sales is the possibility to be with our clients. Over the years, the clients have got to know me well, which makes the sales processes easier. I, especially, love discussing with my clients while having coffee together with them”, Albert adds.

Albert says that in sales, the face matters, because people must trust the salesperson to make a purchase decision. Another crucial knowledge that all sales experts must have, according to Albert, is the ability to engagingly highlight the values of the products in a personalized way. For this, the salesperson must have a deep understanding of the products to be sold. Therefore, those coffee sessions are a wonderful way to build trust between the seller and the client.

Teknos has changed a lot during the years that Albert has been staying in the company. From Albert’s perspective, Covid-19 brought big differences to his regular work duties. Previously, the sales meetings were kept face-to-face almost always, but then people needed to learn how to sell goods online.

“When we started having virtual coffees and sales discussions, it first felt slightly weird, but then we got used to it,” Albert laughs.

Albert has enjoyed his time in the company to a great extent. He mentions the family culture as one of the key reasons for his long career in the firm.

“I have been working with several family-owned companies during my career, and I have always loved the way how the ownership of the company can truly affect the everyday work situations. For example, in Teknos Family, we are all so friendly and close to each other regardless of our work title. That is something I personally value.” Albert ends.