Career stories

A business cannot succeed without committed staff, it is as simple as that. That's why we want to invest in our employees and support their development. Through the People Process, our employees have the opportunity to discuss their career goals and aspirations with their manager every year.

We believe that a motivated team does its best and support our staff also on somewhat unusual career paths. For example, chemists might have moved to work in sales or IT, and people in production may have found themselves new careers in technical support or operational management.

We hope that our growth targets and our continuous improvement culture create an inspiring and exciting workplace. Also, our employee satisfaction is on very good level. This reflects itself in our long-tenured employees, the average of employment being 10 years.  

However, it all comes down to people. Most of our colleagues would agree that their coworkers are the best thing about their jobs. 

Read reviews about what our employees have to say about working at Teknos and the career opportunities they have pursued from the career testimonials below.