Road marking paint

  • 1-component
  • Water-borne

TEKNOROAD 3059 road marking paint is a very fast-drying, matt, water-borne dispersion paint that is resistant to weather and light.

Used on asphalt, oil gravel and concrete for marking of roads and related carriageways, parking places, air fields and other areas with traffic. TEKNOROAD 3059 dries extremely fast. When the weather conditions are good, traffic can be allowed on the painted surface after 3 minutes without causing damage to the paint. The drying is slower at lower temperatures but even then it is fast enough for the paint to be used when the temperature is e.g. +5 - +10°C. After application the paint is water-soluble for about 20 minutes, and therefore painting, when rain is expected is to be avoided. If the paint is dissolved in rain water it can spread on the road and soil the vehicles. TEKNOROAD 3059 meets the quality requirements for road marking paints prescribed by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

Surface preparation

The surface to be treated must be dry and clean. Loose matter that may weaken adhesion, such as sand, gravel, moss and other kind of growth, poorly adherent previous markings, oil and grease must always be carefully removed before applying the marking material. If the markings are applied on concrete surface, the casting must be at least 4 weeks old and well-hardened so that all moisture from casting is bound and the surface dry. The moisture of the concrete must not exceed 5% by weight. Dense laitance must be thoroughly removed before painting by scarifying, shot-blasting, surface grinding, etching or by some other appropriate method. The etching is done with RENSA ETCHING etching liquid or by diluted hydrochloric acid (1 part of concentrated acid to 4 parts of water). Rinse the concrete surface with water after etching and allow to dry. If the concrete surface has previously been treated with a water and dirt repellent coating, dust binder etc., it is particularly important to use a sufficiently effective surface preparation method such as scarifying, which is sufficient to break the adhesion-resistant coating and thus to ensure the best possible adhesion to the substrate. Marking on coated concrete without adequate surface preparation may cause markings to detach from the substrate. We recommend that the top layer of the concrete surfaces is always removed in order to ensure good adhesion.


The product can be used as such for conventional and airless spraying. The homogeneity of the product must be ensured before application. If needed, the product is homogenized using e.g. a drill mixer. Paint should not be applied in over 400 µm film thicknesses in a single operation. Thicker paint films may crack and may come loose from the surface. Thicker films also slow down the drying of the paint, increasing risk of soiling vehicles passing over fresh markings. To achieve retro-reflectance, it is recommended that glass beads are strewn on the fresh paint coat. NOTE! TEKNOROAD 3059 will react violently with zinc and metal alloys containing zinc, like brass. Thus metal surfaces gather some deposits, which will appear as small particles on the filters and nozzles. In worst cases the fittings will get blocked all together. That is why all the equipment which touches the paint is to be of stainless steel or acid proof steel. Aluminium will not cause any deposits, but will corrode of the action of the paint. Therefore the use of aluminium should be avoided.

Application conditions

Avoid application when the relative humidity of the air exceeds 75%, as this slows down the drying considerably.


The storage stability is shown on the label. Store in a cool place and in tightly closed containers. The paint dries extremely fast and therefore easily forms skin into an open vessel.
Total mass of solids abt. 1300 g/l
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 23 g/l
Gloss Matt
Theoretical spreading rate 3 - 4 m²/l
Thinner Water.
Clean up Water, TEKNOSOLV 9515 The painting equipment must be carefully cleaned if it has been used for applying other road marking paints, e.g. solvent-borne TEKNOROAD. Detailed cleaning instructions are given by Teknos. Always contact Teknos before using TEKNOROAD 3059 for the first time, in order to avoid failures and damages in application.
Colours White, yellow and several special colours. White and yellow come up to the requirements for brightness and colour prescribed by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.
Approvals & certificates Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency