Faster processes for wooden panelling and cladding

Applied direct-to-wood with no blocking; TEKNOCLAD is the perfect solution to cut the coating process time of wooden panelling and cladding. 

Speed of manufacture is critical in cladding production. The brand new TEKNOCLAD range has been developed for exactly this requirement. The coating can be applied direct to wood without priming, it is block-resistant and fast-drying. Reducing process times considerably.

TEKNOCLAD coatings are fully tintable in both opaque and translucent colours. Opaque coatings impress with excellent hiding power, while the high transparency of the translucent system gives bright, natural colours. Both have good levelling and adhesion properties, are easy to use and produce an even, durable surface.

TEKNOCLAD coatings can be used for panelling and cladding made from hardwood, softwood or modified timber. They can be applied either direct-to-wood or on wood treated with a preservative product. Two versons are available: TEKNOCLAD 3370 for spraying, and TEKNOCLAD 3371 for brush machines, with three bases and two gloss grades each. The typical coating will be two layers of TEKNOCLAD 3371 applied by brush machine or one layer of TEKNOCLAD 3370 by spraying. If a preservative pre-treatment is required, the water-borne AQUA PRIMER 2907-02 is the recommended product.

"TEKNOCLAD is a modern, sustainable solution for fast production of panelling and cladding", says Mark Hubbert, Teknos Business Development Director. "Applied direct-to-wood with no blocking, it enables a considerably faster, more economic process. This presents a significant benefit for manufacturers, especially those with large production volumes."

Wanda Smith
Group Commercial Director, Exterior Coatings

TEKNOCLAD 3370 and 3371 product summary

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