Performance and Warranty

Our track record speaks for itself. We have happy customers returning to us time and again because they know they can rely on our coating quality, customer service and technical know-how.

How do we ensure durable coating solutions?

Get glimpse of the technology behind our paints and the extensive test programme they go through to meet EN standards and ensure durability.

Testing and Certification

To ensure our coatings meet the most stringent requirements for exterior wood protection, they have been tested to various industrial standards including EN 927, EN 599, EN 152, EN 330 for wood and EN 513 for uPVC. Our INFRALIT range of powder coatings for aluminium and metal hold GSB Material Licenses and Qualicoat Approval.

Natural weathering & water permeability

Bluestain protection

EN 927

EN 152

Preservative effectiveness Durability of wood with preservative

EN 330

EN 599

Powder coatings


Weathering on uPVC

GSB Material Licenses and Qualicoat Approvals

EN 513

Our exposure testing programme gathers data on new systems, products, substrates and application techniques.

Test rigs at a number of Teknos locations allow us to demonstrate performance to you in a wide variety of enivronments.

Watch our video 'Testing Strengths' to find out more.

Teknos outdoor exposure rig Denmark

Warranties - Teknos Total Trust

At Teknos we take a holistic view when it comes to guarantees. We believe that if our customers are properly supported, our coatings will be at peak performance during the lifetime of the products they coat. 

Teknos Total Trust benefits

Teknos customers enjoy access to technical support materials in our Technical Library, covering everything from construction design to drying, storage and maintenance. Talk to your Teknos representative for more information.

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Testing Strengths Video Explainer

Learn more about the tests and equipment shown in our video. Our guide helps you understand why each test creates a better coating product for our customers.

Testing Strengths Video Explainer

Classifications & Certificates

All our exterior performance certificates are available on our website.

Explore Exterior Certificates

Exterior Projects

Read about the exterior projects that Teknos coatings have protected and will continue to protect for many years all over the world.

Exterior projects

Exterior Coatings Warranty

Teknos Total Trust is our gold standard support and warranty programme for exterior coating solutions.

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