Wooden cladding coating solution with an environmentally sensitive profile

Developed for low environmental impact, this industrial coating is Nordic Swan Ecolabel approved and a durable solution for cladding.

What does Nordic Swan Ecolabel mean? It means that you can be confident that TEKNOCLAD NOVA 3330-42:

  • Meets stringent environmental requirements in relation to lifecycle and contents
  • Is a sustainable choice for industrial coatings for wooden cladding

Direct-to-Wood, Water-borne Solution

In addition to being a sustainable coating solution, TEKNOCLAD NOVA 3330-42 can be applied direct-to-wood which means that it primes, is an intermediate and also topcoats, in a one-can solution. It also protects your cladding products by repelling dirt and ensuring colour retention so that their quality appearance is maintained.

Mark Hubbert

Business Development Director

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