Innovative coating for effective fire protection

Tested according to international standards and proven in projects all over the world, TEKNOSAFE 2407 intumescent primer protects buildings from the spread of flame. 

Fire-retardant coatings contribute significantly to the safety of buildings preventing the spread of flame in construction elements. With good reason authorities in the EU and many other countries make high demands as to the fire behaviour of materials used for construction.

With the intumescent primer TEKNOSAFE 2407 Teknos offers an innovative solution for this requirement. When subjected to heat, the primer foams up to form an insulating carbon foam char that isolates the construction element and prevents the spread of flames. This coating provides a durable fire protection solution for wood.

TEKNOSAFE 2407 is used for priming exterior wooden cladding. The build-up of the tested FR façade system consists of TEKNOSAFE 2407 with a film layer thickness of 350 g/m2, an intermediate treatment with NORDICA EKO 3330 in the factory and a final treatment with NORDICA EKO HOUSE PAINT on the construction site. This system is tested and classified according to international standards and holds a B-s1,d0 classification according to EN 13501-1.

"The performance of our fire-retardant coatings is tested according to a number of standards and regulations", says Mark Hubbert, Teknos Business Development Director. "If their production is certified by a ‘Notified Body’, industrial producers of wooden construction elements using the Teknos system can receive a CE mark. Our fire protection experts will support them with detailed information on classifications, substrates and processing."


In many countries the intumescent primer TEKNOSAFE 2407 is used to protect buildings. Among the flagship projects is the 'Treet’ in Bergen (Norway), one of the tallest timber residential buildings in the world. TEKNOSAFE 2407 protects the weathered glulam construction that impressively spans 14 floors.

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Wanda Smith
Group Commercial Director, Exterior Coatings

Teknos FR Facade & Teknos FR Panel

Fire-retardant coatings