Paints and coatings for bridges

Teknos manufactures a wide range of industrial paints, coatings, and varnishes for all types of bridge infrastructures. The surface protection of road infrastructure facilities is important both for the safety of their operation and to reduce the cost of their maintenance and repair. Teknos coatings have high protective and decorative characteristics and consistent quality to satisfy quality requirements.  

Our local service network helps you choose the right high-quality paint product for every job, and also provides support to enable smoother and faster painting processes.


The coatings offered by Teknos for the bridge construction industry take into account specific requirements and different variables:

  • Climatic (weather), depending on the geographical location: low temperatures, high air humidity, high UV radiation, snow, fog, ice, rain, etc.
  • Aggressive operating environments: urban, industrial, with a high content of CO2, SO2, NO2 gases, salts, minerals, chemicals in the form of anti-ice additives, etc.
  • Mechanical loads: static from their own weight, dynamic from passing vehicles, wind loads, etc.

With Teknos’ comprehensive corrosion protection knowledge gained from over 70 years experience, we have a large theoretical and practical knowledge and are always ready to provide you the optimal coating system to protect various objects.

For corrosion protection, we have a wide selection of products: liquid and powder coatings, VOC compliant and waterborne coating solutions for all conditions for corrosion protection, UV resistance, protection against the harshest weather conditions and mechanical stresses, and resistance to chemicals and oxidants. 


Polyurea coatings are a great solution for waterproofing concrete bridge decks underneath the asphalt. Concrete bridges need seamless waterproofing underneath the asphalt to maintain the concrete in optimal condition by eliminating possible structural movement resulting from water and preventing structural damage to the steel enforcement that strengthens the bridge from the inside.

Polyurea coatings have excellent bridge waterproofing properties:

  • Extremely fast drying time of polyurea enables less traffic interruption during renovation.
  • Long-lasting, chemical resistant polyurea extends the service life of the bridge.
  • Polyurea has excellent crack-bridging ability due to its elasticity.
  • Teknos offers a complete coating system for bridge waterproofing.
  • Teknos coating system is approved according to the standardized SILKO bridge repair directives issued by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Teknos has completed multiple waterproofing projects with polyurea. For more detailed information, contact our sales department.


To facilitate the removal of unwanted graffiti, Teknos has developed both wet and powder coatings with anti-graffiti properties. Anti-graffiti clear coats also create a slippery surface, making climbing the bridge difficult and thus preventing accidents.

  • Complete coating system - liquid and powder coatings
  • Savings - easy graffiti removal
  • Safety – renders bridge structures unclimbable

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