Polyurethane primer

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TEKNODUR WOOD PRIMER 1005-10 is a two-pack polyurethane primer. The hardener is an aliphatic isocyanate resin. Use: Wood-aluminium window frame parts that are protected from weather. Before using the product, the manufacturer should be contacted to check the suitability of the product for the object in question.

TEKNODUR WOOD PRIMER 1005-10 is a fast drying, filling primer that is easy to sand. The paint produces a dense and even paint film. Suitable for spray application.

Surface preparation

The surface must be clean and dry. The moisture content of the wood is to be below 20%. Pretreatment is required for wood substrates not meeting Durability Class 3, EN 350:2016. Teknos has a range of preservative products meeting the requirements of EN 599-1, please contact Teknos for further guidance.


Take into consideration the pot life of the mixture when estimating the amount to be mixed at a time. Before application the base and hardener are mixed in right proportion. Stir thoroughly down to the bottom of the vessel. Inadequate stirring or incorrect mixing ratio results in imperfect curing and impaired film properties. Stir thoroughly before use. Wet film thickness over 150 µm are not recommended as the drying process of the paint slows down considerably if the film thickness is more than 150 µm.

Application conditions

The surface to be treated must be dry. During the application and drying period the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the product shall be above +5°C and the relative air humidity below 80%. The best result is achieved when the temperature of the air is +23°C - +38°C, the relative humidity of the air 50 - 70% and the ventilation is good.


The storage stability is shown on the label. Store indoors in a cool and dry place and in a tightly closed can. The hardener reacts with air humidity and therefore the opened can is to be kept carefully closed, and it is recommended to be used within 14 d of opening.

Application methods

Suitable airless nozzle size 0.013 - 0.018".
Total mass of solids abt. 950 g/l
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 490 g/l
Pot life 6 h (+23 °C)
Mixing ratio 10:1 by volume (comp. A : comp. B)
Hardener Comp. B: TEKNODUR HARDENER 0200 STA
Practical spreading rate The values depend on the application technique, surface conditions, overspray, etc.
Drying time – dust free 20 min (ISO 9117-3:2010)
Drying time – touch dry 1 h (ISO 9117-5:2012)
Thinner Standard thinners: TEKNOSOLV 9521 and TEKNOSOLV 9526 (non-aromatic).
Clean up TEKNOCLEAN 6496
Colours White.
Packages Available in a range of standard pack sizes.
Safety markings See safety data sheet. The hardener of the product and the ready mixture contain isocyanates. In poorly ventilated areas and especially when using spray application we recommend the use of a fresh air mask. In short or temporary work, a mask with combined filter A2-P2 can be used. In this case eyes and face are to be protected. The hardener can must be opened with caution, as pressure may develop in the can during storage.