Working in a coatings company

Our solutions are used by professionals, companies and households for various surfaces from machinery to buildings, objects and even packaking. Actually, any surface you see around you is most likely coated.

That is why we need people from different backgrounds and with various skills to work in e.g. research and development (R&D), sales, paint production, quality control and various support functions. Together we innovate and work to meet the high demands of our long-term customers. 

Our company is a family business and we work together in a matrix organization. The Group supports the Teknos countries in creating the highest quality products and services for our customers. This means that you may be working with different colleagues from different countries and functions within Teknos.

Working in R&D

Our Research & Development department has the main role of product development and innovation at Teknos. We are proud of our extensive and innovative product portfolio and our longstanding expertise. Today, we employ approximately 200 people in R&D in several Teknos countries.

Our solutions are made to protect and prolong and to withstand extreme weather conditions such as e.g. storm winds, massive water pressure or radiation. Sustainable solutions are at the core of our product development and opportunities raise from e.g. bio-based, secondary raw materials and circular economy.

Persistence and creativity are reflected in R&D work every day; keeping track of trends in the coatings industry, such as raw materials, equipment, customer needs, applications and competitors is an important part of the job.

Our R&D people work in close cooperation with their colleagues from other Teknos countries and international clients. In R&D you can work as a R&D Manager, Chemist, Laboratory Technician or similar. Many start their careers as graduate students, having previously worked in the summer for example in paint production or quality control.

Working in Operations  

Our Operations include tens of different professions responsible for our operations, maintenance, logistics, purchasing, warehousing and QEHS. Operations have a significant role in delivering our solutions to our customers reliable and with the highest quality. We aim to constantly improve production processes, utilize Lean and to minimize our environmental impact. Team work, safety consciousness and eagerness to learn new skills are appreciated.

Operations provide various career paths from production to managment. Many of our production workers have enjoyed their jobs with us for decades. In Operations you can pursue a career as an Operations or Factory Manager, Production Worker, QEHS Manager and Warehouse Worker to name a few.

Working in Procurement

Our Group Procurement Team is a small team working very closely with our suppliers, internal customers and other important stakeholders. The team is responsible for group level strategic category management, risk management, sustainable procurement and supplier relationship management. The team consists of Procurement Managers, that work with either indirect or direct procurement. You can also work with purchasing in the country organization. 

Working in Support Functions

We also employ experts in a variety of support roles ranging from customer service to corporate finance. The purpose of our support functions is to support business continuity. Support functions include finance, human resources, procurement, sales, communications and marketing and IT and you might be working for the Teknos Group or for the local Teknos entity.

Working with Customers and Sales

At Teknos we always put the customer first. We have a dedicated Customer Experience Management (CEM) team to oversee our customer experience, including sales and technical service. The purpose of the function is to guarantee that we are close to our customers and to ensure that our customers get the best solutions, services and products for their needs in every situation and by doing so realizing profitable growth.

The team serves different target customer groups, of which each has a cross-functional core team led by a Business Development Director. In addition, local representatives, mainly sales and technical service people, are a part of the teams.

We also provide local sales jobs where you work with customers in a specific area or specific product focus. Also these positions offer a great opportunity to support our company growth as well as a unique position to further develop the company.

Working in a coatings company