Premium quality from the heart of Sweden

The ancient province of Dalarna in the heart of Sweden, around 250 km northwest of Stockholm, is an area of rolling hills and large pine forests and the location of the picturesque Lake Siljan. Many wood processing companies are based in this densely forested region, including the door manufacturer Leksandsdörren AB. A second-generation family business founded in 1959, the company is now run by Per Jäderberg, who has a clear mission: high-quality external doors with aesthetic appeal for the premium segment.

Leksandsdörren produces around 11,000 doors per year and has sales of around SEK 72 million (just under EUR 8 million). The company primarily supplies the domestic market and distributes its products through building parts dealers and building contractors. A small number of the goods are exported, mainly to Norway, but some Leksand external doors are sent as far as Japan. Through a timber house manufacturer in the region, the company has established business connections in distant Japan, where its high-quality Swedish doors are very well received.

From tradition to trend

The product portfolio comprises three design series: ‚Trend‘, with modern styling and colours, ‚Timeless‘, with doors designed to complement typical Swedish 

architecture, and ‚Tradition‘, with traditional ornamentation such as mouldings and glass strips. Particularly impressive are Leksandsdörren‘s attractive double doors. As well as matching side panels and fanlights, the company also offers garage doors in the same design. There is an extremely wide range of options for special features and customisation, including a selection of PW1602EN-Leks Case study: External doors Premium quality from the heart of Sweden © Leksandsdörren Industrial Wood Coatings high-quality handles and glass, made-tomeasure elements, glass ornamentation and hand carving. The manufacturer also offers special fire protection, acoustic and safety features.

Leksandsdörren combines premium craftsmanship with the latest production technology and works actively to protect the environment. The company processes local wood from the region. The door elements consist of a pinewood structure to which sheets of aluminium are applied for insulation and an MDF layer for the external surface. With this system, the company achieves thermal resistance of 0.9 W/m²K for glazed doors and 0.77 W/m²K for unglazed. With its special version for low-energy houses, this figure is just 0.65 W/m²K.

Coating with Teknos products

Leksandsdörren does not compromise on its surface materials. The company has relied on solutions from Teknos since the start of 2016. It uses an water based system with ANTI STAIN AQUA 5200 and AQUATOP 2760. With just a few exceptions, Leksandsdörren coats all its doors with this system, which is applied by a robotic spray system on the company‘s state-of-the-art main production line. „We started using water based systems in 2004 and have used products from various manufacturers since then,“ explains Per Jäderberg, Managing Director of Leksandsdörren. „Now we use Teknos products, because they are quite simply very good coatings. They are easy to handle and have excellent hiding power. With these products, we can achieve an outstanding surface finish which meets our high quality standards. So we are very satisfied with this solution.“

Customisation not mass production

This is all the more important because the external appearance of house doors now plays an ever greater role with customers. „We have been seeing an increasing trend towards customisation over the last few years,“ says Per Jäderberg. „This relates not just to design and ornamentation, but also to colours. We now coat the majority of our house doors in NCS colours specified by architects or building contractors.“ This fits with the philosophy of Leksandsdörren, because the company regards house doors not merely as a building element, but as a personal way to welcome visitors. Teknos supplies the perfect colour range for house doors from Leksand.

Wanda Smith
Group Commercial Director, Exterior Coatings

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