Advanced single-layer coating for PVC windows and doors

Highly weather resistant, lightfast and quick-drying, the 2-component water-borne polyurethane coating HYDROPUR 2K COLOR is a single-layer coating for uPVC windows and doors. 

PVC is a widely used material for windows and entrance doors. With HYDROPUR 2K COLOR, Teknos offers an advanced waterborne polyurethane coloured coating for unplasticized PVC (uPVC) and glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The coating can be used for exterior and interior surfaces and has very good weather resistance, lightfastness and long-term elasticity.

HYDROPUR 2K COLOR is tintable in RAL and NCS S colours and offers an excellent alternative to films. It adheres not only to PVC profiles and co-extruded seals but also to mixed forms of construction. Furthermore, ordering the right amount of material is flexible, surfaces are easy to maintain, and scratches are simple to rectify.

In the manufacture of doors and windows, HYDROPUR 2K COLOR displays good block resistance and fast drying. Surfaces are dust dry after 30 minutes, sandable and recoatable after 90 minutes and fully dry after 24 hours. The recommended coating build includes priming with the waterborne filler HYDROFILL PREMIUM 6338-00. To further improve light fastness and resistance and achieve an even higher quality of surface finish, the topcoat can be overcoated with the colourless lacquer HYDROPUR 2K 7590.

"Good resistance and quick drying properties make HYDROPUR 2K COLOR ideal for application as a single-layer coating on uPVC windows and GRP doors", says Mark Hubbert, Teknos Business Development Director. "It is a versatile product that has many applications as well as displaying excellent performance in appearance and functionality."

Wanda Smith
Group Commercial Director, Exterior Coatings

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