PVC and GRP Coatings

PVC and GRP Coatings

Get ahead of the game in coating PVC, GRP and mixed construction windows with hydropur 2k color, the choice of the modern manufacturer.



High weather & UV resistance in 1 coat

Cost-effective alternative to film-coating

Heat reflective pigments protect the substrate Fast-drying for maximised production

Suitable for co-extruded & mixed surfaces

Elasticity of the coating on PVC enhances its durability

Low VOC, safe for factory spraying

Low-maintenance for homeowners


HYDROPUR 2K Color 7515 is a waterborne polyurethane colored coating specially developed for unplasticized PVC (uPVC) and glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).

  • Two-component product giving a beautiful finish with strong colour
  • Ideal for application as a single-layer coating for both exterior and interior surfaces of PVC windows
  • Excellent weather resistance, lightfastness and long-term elasticity
  • Also available as a textured coating
  • Tintable in NCS S and RAL colours in 2 gloss levels


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