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Our exterior coating systems have been developed and refined over many years to bring you the best in durability and finish for factory finished windows and doors. We offer systems for wood, wood/alu, modified wood, PVC, GRP.



Modified Wood


Production speed and sustainability

Your production time is valuable; choose a factory painted finishing system that keeps your line moving at a pace. Our long-lasting coating systems suit a range of application techniques, from automatic or manual high pressure spraying to flow coating, vacuumat or powder coating. They have been developed to give you trouble-free production:

  • Fast-drying products
  • Excellent blocking properties
  • Smooth-flowing application

Furthermore, we can support your sustainable objectives with waterborne coating systems for windows and doors, that prolong the lifecycles of your products. We regularly review our portfolio's technologies to:

  • Minimise the impact of our paints on the environment
  • Enhance indoor air quality

Explore our example coating systems for wood

Take a look at some of our most widely used coating systems for factory finishing wooden windows and doors, for all substrates. 

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3-layer Opaque Hardwood

3-layer Opaque Softwood

3-layer Translucent

4-layer Colorless

4-layer Opaque

4-layer Translucent


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Technical Support

Visit the Teknos Technical Library for best practice in factory finishing windows and doors. You will find guides covering preparing the substrate, coating, drying and storage all the way through to on-site at the build.  

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