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Full curing in just a few seconds: The new pigmented one-component UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 is a revolution in dark-coloured repair of natural faults in flooring board timber. It's the perfect, economical  solution to ensure no process interruption and no putty waste.

With UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20, Teknos launches a new ground-breaking solution for flooring manufacturers: the first pigmented one-component putty for a continuous industrial process. This fully UV-curing putty with 100% solids content gives flooring and other manufacturers the option to repair wood in a fast, economical and sustainable process with almost no waste. As a key benefit compared to conventional two-component products the process no longer needs to be interrupted for full curing.

Continuous process without intermediate storing

In a conventional process with pigmented two-component putty, the hardener will be added and the putty manually applied at line speeds of approx 8-16 m/min. In-line UV lamps cure the surface so that the boards can be stacked. For full curing, they will be temporarily dried for up to 24 hours, until the production process can finally be continued with calibrating, sanding and finishing the workpieces.

"Due to pigmentation, conventional coloured two-component putty can not be cured in-line deeper than approx 1 mm", says Mads Virenfeldt-Christesen, Teknos Specialist Industrial Wood Interior. "With a repair depth of 4-5 mm this is just 20% of the curing required. With our UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 we developed a pigmented one-component putty that cures up to 5 mm under UV light, which is the full depth of the top veneer. This is a fundamental enhancement that can considerably speed up pigmented putty repair."

The crucial difference: damages of up to 5 mm depth repaired with UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 can be fully cured in line under UV light. As soon as the workpiece has passed the UV lamp, processing can be continued. Boards can be calibrated, sanded and finished without interrupting the in-line process and without temporary storing.

UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 can be easily used at typical line speeds of approx 8-16 m/min and with usual gallium or mercury lamps. Depending on the actual line speed, sufficient lamp power should be ensured.

Faster, more sustainable, more economical

UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 will optimize the production of wood that require pigmented repair of deeper damages, particularly flooring boards such as prefabricated parquet. These can now be repaired and finished in one continuous process. Processing times are reduced by up to 24 hours and valuable storage space is freed up. In short, then your processing will become faster, simpler and more economical.

There are additional advantages to a one-component solution. Uvilux Putty 1465-20 needs no hardener, so there is no short pot life. With conventional two-component putty, approx 20-30% of hardened material will be discarded due to limited pot life. With the new Uvilux putty, there is no such waste and with no hardener there are no added substances. The putty has 100% solids content, and no volatile organic compounds (VOC) have been added, making the whole solution more sustainable and economical than traditional solutions.

Excellent properties

UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 is easy to use. Damages such as knots, cracks or joints can be filled perfectly, and sanding requirements are minimal. There is also better adhesion. As conventional two-component putty has a limited adhesion on glue, spots with uncovered glue surfaces are often milled out, which gives an unnatural appearance. UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20, on the other hand, will adhere much better to glue so that open glue surfaces might not have to be removed.

UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 has 100% solids content, and no volatile organic compounds (VOC) were added. The product will be perfect for a modern, economical and sustainable process.

Uvilux Putty 1465-20 is available in black and dark brown. A light brown version will be launched during 2021. The colour choice will cover most requirements of typical prefabricated parquet veneers such as oak, ash, birch or walnut. One example of typical use will be repair of knots and other damage in oak parquet.

Worldwide demand

"UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 sets new standards in flooring production", says Benjamin Röse, Teknos Business Development Director Flooring. "It reduces curing time from 24 hours to just a few seconds. Repairs with pigmented putty can now be performed in-line with a continuous, fast and economical process. The demand for such a solution is considerable, we have inquiries from flooring manufacturers all over the world."

In addition to the new pigmented UV putty, Teknos also offers the transparent UVILUX PUTTY 1465-00. The unpigmented product is a 100% UV-curing one-component solution for fast machine repairing with line speeds up to 100 m/min. Typical use-cases are mouldings, door frames, furniture components and flooring.



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